woensdag 29 december 2010

A Happy New Year!

Hi there,

I did do some miniatures,
I made some books and some flower arangements...
But most of my time I spend reading your miniature blogs :)
I also searched for tutorials I could use etc.
Tomorrow I will go to Athens and I will celebrate the New Year
there with some friends.
I am really looking forward to that!
(I will be back after the weekend).

That's why I will wish you now
a Very Happy and Inspiring New Year!

maandag 27 december 2010

Sanded a Chair and a Dresser

Good Afternoon :)

I have sanded one chair
and the dresser form the furniture package
that I bought last week.

Here are the results so far...

I think it starts to look better already ;)

Warmest wishes,

Welcome! :)

Again I am surprised by so many followers!
31 already :)
A warm welcome to all of you,

Thank you for following me,
I hope you enjoy it here!

Warmest Wishes,

zondag 26 december 2010

Time to Organize!

Good evening! :)

I am a person, that likes to 'Go with the Flow' and
I forget things sometimes (who doesn't?)
So I tried to figure out a way how to keep my ideas
about my new dollhouse.

I don't want all my ideas spinning around in my head!
(it gets so busy in there after a while, that I will have sleepless nights... lol)

So this was the first thing that I did...
I took a small pocket notebook with 4 tabs in it,
one for every room in the dollhouse.
It fits easy in my purse too, you probably know that
ideas pops up all the time when you don't have anything to write!
(on the front cover it says: Express Your Talent)
And I write my ideas for each room in a seperate
part of the book now.
First I wrote down the measurments of the house itself
and also each room inside (always good to have with you
when you unexpected stumble into something that might fit)

For me it will be earsier to find back what great ideas I had for my rooms like the colours, furniture, accesoiries or specific things I might forget later.

(I love Fairies, as you can see...)
I also took a bigger (A-5) notebook to write other ideas
For the exterior and garden, 
the tools or materials that I need (or want) to buy.
For more dollhouse miniature projects, not specific for this new dollhouse only.

The second thing that I tried to organize was the whole bunch of stickers
and images that I am collecting for many many years!
I started to sort out some of my boxes (not done yet)
I made categories and I put them in a plastic (freezer) bags
with the name of the category on it.
Now I can put them all together in one big box
and I don't have to dig trough the staple of
'Cats, Dogs, Faries, Angels etc.',
when I just want some flowers or holiday stickers!

So far about my organizing untill now...
Maybe some of you do this also or have some other good ideas?

Warmest wishes,

Christmas Bunny's

Hello again,

Exactly one month ago (25 Nov.) I bought the cutest bunny!
Her name is Tinkerbell.
A few days ago I noticed that she was a bit restless...
Well soon I found out why!
At the night before Christmas she was making a nest
with fur (hair) from herself,
and I knew that she had to be pregnant!!
Well of course I did not know before...

On Christmas day she gave birth to 5 sweet little baby bunnies! :)

That's the unexpected surprise that was waiting for me
yesterday morning when I came home.

So yeah, we had rabbit for Christmas, but
in a whole different way ;)
(Don't worry, we won't eat them... lol!)

Warmest wishes,

zaterdag 25 december 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello again,

I wanted to post a Merry Christmas message
right after our delecious breakfast at my parents house,
The weather is still beautiful here with lots of Sunshine today!

When I got home suddenly something unexpected came along.
(More about that later with photos)

First here is my Christmas wish for all of you! :)

Warmest wishes

woensdag 22 december 2010

Here they are, waiting for their makeover!

I fixed the problem!

I couldn't wait till after the Holidays ;)
It took me a few hours to find & fix the problem,
but now I can get the photos from my camera again.

Here is the treasury that I found (very cheap!) yesterday.
It must have been in the bookstore were I found it, for years,
because it still had the Dragme (old Greek money) price on it!

I started to sand the chair this morning,
but it is pretty difficult without the right tools.
I do need to go hunting for a dremel...
And while I was drinking my coffee
I made a list of more tools that I don't have yet :)

Warmest Wishes,

Still looking for ideas!?

Hello everybody,

I am still looking for great ideas for my new dollhouse
and I would like to share this beautiful blog with you.
Maybe you already know it, but I am 'A new kid on the blog' ;)

Her blog is called: 'My Shabby Streamside Studio'

Warmest wishes,

Problems with my camera :(

Hello everyone!

Today I had a great day!
I found a mini furniture set at a local (book)shop here,
it is a bit old and dark brown so I am going to give a shabby chic look! :)

I made some photos of how it looks before I start painting it,
but for some reason
I can't get the photos on my computer :(
(Never had this before) I tried everything, but it doesn't work.
Well... that was not so great today!
But it didn't change my mood of happiness. ;)

As soon as I find the time to fix this problem (probably after the Holidays) I will show this set to you. :)

Warmest wishes,

dinsdag 21 december 2010


I really did not expect 10 folowers in 1 day!
So amazing!! :)

I welcome you all:


I hope you will enjoy my posts :)

Warmest wishes,

Love this style Dollhouse

I wanted to buy this Greenleaf Dollhouse in the beginning of 2011!

It is called 'The Glencroft' and I just love it :)

I want to make it a bit different than it looks on the original pictures
(of course! lol).

I will make the outside as an old cottage style.
The interior will be Country Shabby Chic, I am still thinking about the colours but I believe it will have soft pastels (off white, pink, lilac with soft green, robins egg blue. etc. ) 
I have some nice ideas, you will see...

I hope it will turn out to be a beautiful and romantic cottage! :)

After a few monthes... I changed my mind and bought another dollhouse ;) 

Warmest wishes,

maandag 20 december 2010

Hi all!

Hi all,

I am Jollie and I would like to share my passion for Dollhouses and Miniatures with you.
(It turned out to be a long post to tell you about it... lol!)

It started at 1997 when I saw a beautiful Dollhouse,
that's when I got the fever!
I was still living in the Netherlands at that time (I am Dutch from origin) and a very good friend of me made Dollhouses
and miniature furniture for a hobby.
He had a catalog with The Greenleaf Dollhouses in it,
and my first love was Beacon Hill!
I asked him to make a 'look a like' from that house for me
and I helped him as far as I could.

That was the beginning of my Dollhouse fever! .
Here is an old photo from my first Dollhouse, it was just gorgeous :)

Well, it took a while before he finished this beautiful house. In the meanwhile I started to collect some miniatures and of course we went to the Dollhouse Show in Arnhem.
Were I saw even more prettier houses and so on.
By the time the 'Beacon Hill' was almost finished we had decided to sell this house and build another (bigger) one.
Also in a Victorian style, allthough I didn't like that typical style for the interior. So I collected more modern things (which were hard to find without having internet at that time).

I still own that second (Giant!) Dollhouse (I don't have any photos of it now), but I never got the chance to decorate it...
By the time it was finished (2001) I moved to Greece and I still live here.
 I live in such a small house now, is almost miniature by itself... lol!
 So my Dollhouse stayed at my friends house in the Netherlands. I hope that I can bring it here some day when I have the chance to move to a bigger house :)

For all those years I kept my small miniature collection of furniture and accesories on the attic at my parents house (they live next door here)... awaiting for my Dollhouse.
Years past... I had so many other hobby's... you know how live goes.

But lately for some reason I stumbled over some Dollhouse websites and went from one to the other,
Can you imagine what happend? Yes! I've got back that fever again!!
I thought about it for a (short)while, went to the attic for the miniatures that I kept all those years to see what I had (forgot most of the things!) Thought about making a roombox first... or a showcase...
But... For so many years I dreamed about a real Dollhouse...
 And I finaly decided to save some money now for a new Dollhouse that still fits in my own tiny house. ;)

Good reason to surf the net!!
So much fun searching for the perfect house :)
(Well...I found it, but more about that later).

Now I am looking every day for tutorials, printables and ideas for my new future Dollhouse. I visited many many websites the past week.
Lots of Miniature Shops!
But even more Artisans Minature, wiho make such amazing handmade minis. My gosh what a bunch of creative people out there,
so nice to meet you all!

I am a very creative person too, tried so many hobby's but I never made a real scale miniature...
Well I am going to give it a try to make some things by myself.
That's why I started this blog, to share
'A Little More Miniature' with the world ;)

Warmest Greetings!

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