dinsdag 21 december 2010

Love this style Dollhouse

I wanted to buy this Greenleaf Dollhouse in the beginning of 2011!

It is called 'The Glencroft' and I just love it :)

I want to make it a bit different than it looks on the original pictures
(of course! lol).

I will make the outside as an old cottage style.
The interior will be Country Shabby Chic, I am still thinking about the colours but I believe it will have soft pastels (off white, pink, lilac with soft green, robins egg blue. etc. ) 
I have some nice ideas, you will see...

I hope it will turn out to be a beautiful and romantic cottage! :)

After a few monthes... I changed my mind and bought another dollhouse ;) 

Warmest wishes,

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Jollie, thanks for visiting my blog, and welcome to the mini blog community :) You have some wonderful plans for this house, I'm looking forward to watching it come to life.

  2. Hi Jollie i have The Glencroft too, look forward to seeing yours when you buy it, mines built i bought it off Ebay last year, planning on starting it this summer at some point.


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