zondag 30 januari 2011

Could this be Aivie?

Remember that I wanted to bring my Fairy alive?

Well I have been collecting fairies for many many years now,
and I have one in my collection that looks like Aivie!
She was given to me years ago as a present.
I had her hanging in my room for a while
until one of my cats gave her a hard swing...
she dropped on the floor and she broke her arms :(

I kept her after that somewhere in the dresser.
And by coincidense I have found her back this week.
I do not believe in coinsidense, so I looked at her very closely...
She looks a bit sad, but has the cutest face!

Well she said to me It's no wonder that I look a bit sad!
I broke my arms and I don't have legs because I can only hang on a string!! Wouldn't you be sad??

For a week now she dangles next to my monitor
trying to convince me that she is Aivie.
I had doubts about that in the first place I have to admit!
But slowly the voice from Aivie inside my head has moved to her...
Now she can't stop talking to me while she's hanging on my desk lamp!
So yes, I have to say that this is Aivie :)

Here you can see that she was ment to be a 'dangling fairy' ;)

I promised her to give her some real arms and legs!
She is very exited about that ofcourse...
She looks more happy allready!! ;)

Let's be honest she can't go on living like this right?

And... may be some new clothes and hair too...
We will see ;)


My First Award :)

I was surprised by Geneviéve yesterday
she has given me this beautuful award...

Thank you so much Geneviéve for my first award! :)

The award was made by Arte y Pico
to reward those who stand for creative design.

I will have to give this award to 5 other blogs
that I believe are worth it ;)
It is very difficult to choose from all those very creative
and inspiring blogs out here.

But I decided to give this award to...


vrijdag 28 januari 2011

Very Inspiring Give Away by 'Little Emma English Home'

If you like country style or not,
this book is a very beautiful and inspiring give away!
Even for us mini bloggers ;)

Just click on the photo and read all about it...

Giveaway ends on February 6th at 12 pm

A Warm Welcome! :)


I am still amazed how many of you
are interested in my blog! ;)
It makes me so happy to see that I have
already 91 followers!!

So here is 
a warm welcome to all of my new followers;

Marta y Carla
Mirel Korhonen
Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan
Oiseau deNim
Louise NijboerStaric
Ana Maria
Maria Narbon
Once We Were Faeries ~ Judy

Thank you all so much for your interest in my blog
and I also want to thank everyone
who has left a comment on my posts!!
That really makes me Happy :)

Warm Hugs, Jollie

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Aivie's Driftwood Bed

The very first thing that Aivie wished for herself was a bed.

I can understand that...
(she sleeps and hangs around A LOT!) lol!
So I started to make her bed a few moths ago.

Actualy it really was the first mini that I have made...

It is made from driftwood
that we found last summer at the beach nearby
and decorated with satin little purple and white flowers, leaves and moos.

I need to finish the mattress and make her some bedding.
(I constantly put that work aside because I am not a star in sewing ;0)
At this stage she still can't sleep in it...

Well I guess I am going to work on that mattress now
that is lying around her, that's a start.

I am waiting for the clay delivery that I ordered (how a coinsidence!)
and hope to have that tomorrow... anyway,
I did not get further with Aivie, my Fairy doll
than this... well it's a beginning :)

She will be approx. 12 cm tall... or small ;)

Hugs Jollie

Seashell Mirror

Of course my Fairy (her name is Aivie)
wants to have her own shabby beach hut.
(hold on to your chair, cause that's not her last
'wish you would make that for me me' thing!)
Aivie told me that she has to relax at the beach now and then
Enjoy the sun, read a book,
have a cup of tea with her mermaid friends...
You'll understand that don't you? lol! ;)
So an other (far away) project will be
her shabby beach hide out!

Well I noticed these last weeks when I started to make minis,
that I can't just stick with one project!!
Aivie has way too many idea's of what I could make,
most of that is ment to be for her, but she also thinks about others...
well... sometimes ;) lol! She is still young and has to learn a lot!

I agree with her that we don't want to put all our other good idea's
aside untill a next time when a project is finished....
So, we will follow our feelings
and I will make what pops up in our minds!
That sounds like the fun we are looking for! :)

This little project was one of those idea's Aivie had
and it's for her shabby beach hide out...
It is about 2 inches /5 cm big
I want to make another one with a smaller frame,
I lost too much of the mirror with this first one...
But besides that I think it turned out lovely! :)


What I was working on

Hi again :)

Before I decided to make my dream fairy 'come alive',
I was working on these serving tray's
and picture frame...
Will finish them soon ;)


dinsdag 25 januari 2011

My doll and... a confession to make ;)

Well let me introduce you to my doll...
I bought her years ago in the Netherlands on the
Dollhouse show in Arnhem...

She is a porcelain doll
made by Henny Staring-Egberts
I don't remember who that cute red wig made...

First I couldn't stop thinking about how to transfer
her into an fairy...
But somehow all the ideas that I have about my fairy
did not go with this doll!

I see this doll more as a Gypsy woman, a friendly fortune teller 
who's traveling around the world together with some animals 
and living in a Gypsy trailer!
So that is gonna be her destiny...
and see... there pops up another project for the future! lol!

Problem that I have is...
I have this fairy girl in my head talking to me
I had her with me since I was a child,
allthough she left me for way too many years!
Cause she was so mad at me ( I grew up and so).

We talked about that issue for hours and I am very happy
that she decided to come back to me again in the summer of 2009.
We became even closer friends now, than when I was just a kid.
So to be honest with all of you...
She was the one who talked me into making her a dollhouse
(remember the glencroft 'shabby cottage' that I want to start to build)
That was actualy her all the time! Telling me how she would love
to live in a shabby fairy cottage,
how it has to be inside and out, the colours that she wants in every room 
and so on...

I agreed to start with making miniatures for her
I first wanted to keep my fairy as 'our little secret',
because I though that you guys would say that I had lost my mind
if I would tell you about my fairy...

But ever since I've been reading more of the other blogs
from our mini world...
I guess I can also be honest with you all ;) lol!
I am so glad that I am not the only adult out here
with an imaginary friend!! (yes that feels as a relieve! lol)
I do totaly understand the blog from Casey's minis
with little Tessie!
And I love E-beertje from Margriet.
I enjoy the stories from Nina and Lucie by Genevieve!
It's because of people like them, I have steped over my fears
and finaly found the courage not to be ashamed any longer 
about my little 'flutter bug'!
And make this confession to you by dragging her out of the closet.
She's still playing shy (be careful with her acting talent!)

That little fluttering 'bug' drives me crazy sometimes you know...
I really need to make her visible so I can look her
in her eyes when we talk about all our ideas :0)
And it is about time that she gets a real life!

That's why I am desperately on the search for
tutorials to make my fairy. 

I did found some great sites with lessons,
these last few days, left my other projects for it
because she couldn't stop crying
(demanding all attention even if it has to go with tears)
and I am trying to concentrate myself on her for the moment
so I can draw my ideas
and details about her on paper now...
Won't take too long before I will start to sculpture her I believe.
Well I will give it my best to create her, as I imagine her.
I did not see a doll yet who looks a lot like her!

I like it so much that she helps me with realising my dreams
(and hers) by telling me how she wants her house to be
(and me searching all night on the net how to accomplish that!)
Well anyway I believe it would make it more easy for me
to have her by my side
while I work on her house and the miniatures ;)

So... she should come out of her hyding place and show herself to me!
Don't you think?

I never had much experience with sculping...
but I am very curious how she will turn out to be!

I can tell you this much... she's very naughty (but nice)
So shy (or acting like it) that it makes her adorable cute
she's very friendly and she loves all living beings,
from deep down the bottom of her heart!
She needs flowers around her,
or she will get seriously depressed!
She's my cats best friend (and my cats best toy! lol)
She likes (demands) to get what she wants, no matter how!
Always telling what she thinks, if you like it or not.
She loves the beach and the sea (we often go there)
She always keep on tying to play tricks and games
to get it her way, but she never lies!

She is a bit of a pain in the butt tough ;)
like most fairies can be.

Guess we will find out in a while...

Does anyone of you have tips/links for me for 'Fairy'
or dolls tutorials??
That would be a great help ;)

Have a wonderful evening!
Warm hugs,


I am in Love!!!

With these adorable little fairies from the Wee Folk...

This one is my absolute favorite:

You really have to see this for yourself...


zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Shabby Display Shelves

Good Evening! :)

Today I have finished the display shelves.
I made them look shabby...
And I am very pleased with the result
I believe it looks good for the first time ;)
(click on the photos to enlarge)

The 'signs' are looking better also on these photos.
I made the decoration myself,
but not all for 'the shabby black cat boutique'...

Thanks for looking ;)
Wishing you all a wonderful sunday!

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Oh Happy Day!! :)

A little history first...

My mom and I were both collecting a Mediterranean Dollhouse.
Every month, for two years, we got a parcel delivered by courier,
with 4 episodes (books with info,
all of the house in parts and miniatures!)
Today the courier came with the last (3) episodes...
So now our houses are complete! :)

We kept all those pieces in boxes on the attic for the whole time ;)
Next week we will go over the boxes with all the parts
to check if everything is there...

This is an example from the finished house,
not the one we (are going to) build!
(click to enlarge).

My house has to stay in those boxes, because it is way to big
to give it a place in my own miniature house! lol.
But in a while... I will help my mom with her house!! :)
And I am really looking forward to that.

I think she will build it in it's original state,
as it is showned on these photo's
But my Mediterranean Dollhouse....
Well I think that will get a bit more shabby look;) ... later!

These last parts came today toghether with the electric parts.
I am soooo excited!
I love this house, it's a nice project to look forward too.

Hugs Jollie

Not a lot finished yet

Good day again! :)

I did not finish a lot of minis yet
for my Shabby Black Cat Boutique...
Had a lot of other things to do too ;)

But this morning I finished 3 signs (plates or how are they called?)
They are actualy a lot lighter than on this
Well I had to take the photo inside my house today...
because it is pooring rain outside! :)
(yes it does rain too here in Greece, lol!)

Merlin, one of my 6 black cats (of the total of 10 cats)
is waiting untill it stops raining
(you can see their catrun on this photo too)
Well... he gave up and is sleeping on my lab now!
That's a nice warm place... but a bit difficult for me with making minis.
Merlin doesn't care! Why should he?
He's a cat... ;)

Warm hugs, Jollie

donderdag 20 januari 2011

Welcome! :)

Today my Blog is one month young!
and I am very happy (and speechless yes!)
that I have 60 followers already!!! :)

I welcome all the new followers to my blog :)


Thank you so much for following me :)
I hope you will enjoy it here!


dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Shabby Black Cat Boutique Up-Date

This is the last project I was working on today:

I am making some signs, photo frames and clocks and so
(most of them will be used as products)
for in the shabby black cat boutique!
First I printed some beautiful images on (off white) paper (card board?)
and also some on glossy photo paper.
And I painted a thick piece of card board on two sides,
frontside white and the backside black.
(sorry for the blurry picture)...
I glued the images on the white side of the card board.
Then I fixated them with a transparent satin coating.
(After they dried over night) I cut out the images
and sanded the edges... (I did this part today)
They are not finished yet,
but this is the result untill now...


Display Shelves for The Shabby Black Cat Boutique

Another thing that I did this morning...

In a box with my collected miniatures that I kept on the attic for years ;)
I found this book case...
I will use it for my Shabby Black Cat Boutique
as display shelves :)

So I started painting and decorating it a bit...

Also not finished yet... it has to dry first... ;)
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