maandag 28 februari 2011

Fairy Doll Aivie Up-date

I wanted to share the latest up-date about Aivie, 
my Fairy Doll, with you.

The last time (see earlier post here)
I forgot to give her some ears!!
No wonder that she didn't listen... ;)

So I gave her some real nice fairy ears...

I believe she won't miss a thing that I am saying now! lol!
Don't know if that is always a good thing... but we will find out.

After she was dry behind her ears,
I made her skeleton from chenille wire...

Today I have wraped her body with
some adhesive bandage
and I fixated the ends with tacky glue.

So this is as far as we are for now...

And we are very very pleased with the results :)
Next step will be the wigging of her hair...

I will keep you up-dated!


zondag 27 februari 2011

Bird Bath from Beach Findings

Here's the Bird Bath that I have made a while ago
from some Beach Findings...

The height is 6,5 cm / 2,5"


vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Fairy Bed Mattress

Last week I have made a mattress
for Aivie's driftwood bed.
I do know how to sew, but I am not good at it,
for some things I just don't have the patience... lol!
So I glued the fabric around and on some foam.

(you can click on the photo's for a larger view)

In the next days I will share some of
the little projects which I have finished these last weeks
and you didn't see yet.
I am working on a project that is still a little secret :)

Warm Hugs, Jollie

woensdag 23 februari 2011

Paint it Black?

Here on the Peloponnes, in the beautiful old village Nafplion 
(the formal capital of Greece) 
is this cute little shop where a man sells his handmade goodies.
(I don't remember the name but if I will go there agian, 
I will ask him if I may take some photos)

Most of the creations that he makes are wooden toys. 
But he also made this gorgeous piece
which was a present for my birthday some years ago...
(Normaly it dangles from the ceiling inside of the house)

I thought it would be a nice present for Aivie 
after her major surgery ;)
So I made a mini from it...

Well it's not exactly the same, I made a silver one.
It will be perfect for the bedroom in 
her Shabby Fairy Cottage :)


dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Fairy Doll Up-date

Well finaly I managed to make the hands and feet
for my Fairy Doll Aivie...
Yesterday I had to start over about 30 times before
I made one hand!!

This morning I started with the other hand and her feet.
The feet are simple, because she will wear socks later
I did not have to make the toes ;)

I can asure you that doll making is NOT MY THING!!
My gosh am I relieved I have accomplished this...
(Click here to see her before this make-over)

Here is Aivie... fresh out of the oven ;) lol!

 This was the hardest part...

Well I am satisfied with her and I will start tomorrow 
with assembling her body parts.

But... I told her that she has to live alone
in her miniature world!
Because I have to think twice for a very very long time
before I start with a polymer clay doll again! lol! ;)
Fortunately she doesn't mind. 
She said:
'As long as I can have some cats and dogs and rabbits... 
Oh yeah... and a guinea pig and...'

'Ehhh... we will see about that! 
Go watch tv or something and leave me alone for a while today!' 
Is what I told her...


zondag 20 februari 2011

My First Tulips

Of course I started right away 
with making some tulips for Aivie ;)

I am very happy with them and so is Aivie.
I believe they came out lovely for the first time :)
I will paint the baskets (which I did not make myself) 
white later. I just wanted to share the tulips with you.

Here are the results...
(if you want to see them bigger, just click on the picture)

They are in our favorite colours: Pink, Roze and White...

And Purple with Lilac and White.

I am sure that I will make some more flowers!!
First of all, Fairies can not live without them
(Who can?)
Second... I just LOVE Gardens and Flowers :)
In fact I love all that Nature gives us.
And third... I had sooo much fun making them!!!

Wishing you all a nice Sunday!!!


vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Serving Tea? or Coffee?

My other little project that I have been working on
was this one...

Here is how I made them...
I have cut out round and rectangle pieces of cardboard
and some small strips of cardboard (from an empty
cookie package that I gobbled up first lol!)
with a (scrapbook) scissor, you know
the ones that have a shaped blade,
Then glued the strip around the bottom of the tray.

After that I painted them with white acrylic paint a few times.
Then I glued some nice pictures on it
and made them look a bit shabby with some 'yellow ochre' paint
on a almost dry brush...

I still have to finish the étagère...
I have something special for it in my mind :)


donderdag 17 februari 2011

Gifts from Sylvia

This was my second surprise in the mailbox today...

First I have to tell you a small story that goes with it.
A while ago I was reading the blog Lotjesdollhouse from Sylvia,
She is one of the miniature artists that I really admire in her work.

Well as you know I was born in 'Holland'...
Tulips are real Dutch and I just love them, (I love all flowers lol)
I thought... 
I so much want to learn to make some flowers...
So I asked Syliva how she made those beautiful tulips,
she was so very kind to offer me her help and explained it too me.
Well unfortunatly I couldn't find the flower tape and wire here
and Sylvia offered me to send it to me, 
ain't that so generous of her?

But... look what a surprise I found in my mailbox... :)

Besides the flower tape and the wire she also send me fimo clay
to make hands and feet for my Fairy Aivie! :)

A too cute card with the teddy bear and the little puppy!
And in the sweet box with the roses, I found the beautiful miniatures
that she has made for me...

Look at the black cat paws on the jar and the tea pot!
Guess you all know where those will be placed ;)

Can see some of her tulips that I ment?
Actualy are these the first miniature flowers for me!
And... they are Dutch Tulips! lol! ;)

Aivie has claimed the tiny basket for one of her new kittens that she is
planning to have in her cottage...
'The kitchen paper holder with the rooster
will be great in my new kitchen!' 
She yelled exited, while she was fluttering around my head!
I said that the birdhouse will look great 
on the porch of the cottage...
She asked me if one of the cats wouldn't steal it then?
I said 'Nope! I will make sure to glue it on the wall! So they won't stand a chance!'

Here is a closer look at the birdhouse,
It is really amazing how Sylvia painted it...

Sylvia I am so greatfull for your help
and I am trilled by all the beautiful miniatures 
that you have made for me!
Thank you so much!!! :)


Gifts from Caterina

Once a week (sometimes twice) I go and
check my mail at my postbox in the village.
They don't deliver the post at our house because we live
'in the middle of nowhere' lol! ;)

Today I found two wonderful surprises in it 
that really made my day!! :)
(I will write two posts about it)

The first surprise was from Caterina
who is practicaly my neighbour ;) she is from Italy.

Look how nice she had packed them...

This is what came out...
These lovely jars are for my Shabby Black Cat Boutique
and the gorgeous Fairy book is for Aivie.
(Who is so happy, cause she finished reading all the Happinez magazines that I made for her).

Here is a close up from the book...

Ain't it amazing...? :) Aivie can't wait to start reading it ;)

Thank you so much Caterina
for your kindness to send me these adorable gifts! 
I am very happy with them! And Aivie too :)


woensdag 16 februari 2011

Got some Blinkies to Share with You

For many many years I have been collecting 
blinkies and animations (besides a lot of other images).
Now you will discover that I am a real pixel freak!! lol!

Well I did not make these...
they were shared with me by the talented creators of them
or other pixel lunatics...

Thought I share some with you all,
maybe you like some for your blog,
or some other good purpose ;)

You can use the codes from my photobucket album,
or save the images to your harddisk.
(Please keep the copyright in mind and don't claim them as your own)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I always do.
If you want more to be up-loaded to my album,
don't hesitate to say so! ;)

I've also put some in my own menu and
I will change them now and then....


Pink Jars

Well I told you I was working on some little projects
Here is one of them.

I actualy don't like them very much,
the black 'spots' are too big...
'They would be perfect for a farm... to put some cow milk in'.
Is what Aivie said... lol!
Guess I have to practice some more to keep her satisfied ;)


Down the Rabbit Hole...

Hello everyone,

I've been away too long...
And I am sorry that I couldn't catch up with all of your blogs.
I've had a busy week behind me.
But I will start with making minis again this week!!
And I am really looking forward to it.
Actualy I did make some little projects, I will show some of them tomorrow.

The new Rabbit Hutch, that I have ordered a while ago,
was delivered yesterday!! 
So... I wanted to share today's project with you.

Well... It started like this... (a hugh mess!)
My mom came to help me with it, so we finished it quite quickly!

And see... a bunch of happy rabbits... lol
On the left is my cat Moortje peeking at the bunnies.

Ofcourse Merlin had to have a closer look too
(he is the most curious of all my cats)

Well this is a major improvement!
And a necessary one as you can see on this earlier photo from today...

This cage was way too small for 6 bunnies!

In a short time the male bunnies will move to my parents
and the girls will stay with me and Tinkerbell (their mom)
in the new hutch :0)
The 'baby bunnies' will be 7 weeks old next saturday...
and believe me they are ohhh soooo cute!!
But... I can't keep them all.


maandag 14 februari 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello everyone!

I wish you all a 
Very Happy Valentines Day! :)


maandag 7 februari 2011

I'm still here..

Hello everyone,

I am still here, but I am working on some things...
It is a surprise, so I won't say it now ;)

I have less time for blogging at the moment
but still wanted to say Hello to you all!

And thank you for all the lovely compliments on my blog :)

 I wish you all a very good week!

Talk to you soon...

donderdag 3 februari 2011

Paper-Clay Mini Cat

Good day everyone :)

Yesterday I have tried to make hands and feet
from Paper-clay for my little fairy.
Well... it didn't work!
Either my skills are not good enough or the paper-clay isn't ment
to for making tiny little hands and feet ;)
Allthough it is wonderful material to work with!

Anyway... I ended up with this cute little white cat

Aivie just loves her little cat friend!
so I am happy with him too ;)

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