maandag 28 februari 2011

Fairy Doll Aivie Up-date

I wanted to share the latest up-date about Aivie, 
my Fairy Doll, with you.

The last time (see earlier post here)
I forgot to give her some ears!!
No wonder that she didn't listen... ;)

So I gave her some real nice fairy ears...

I believe she won't miss a thing that I am saying now! lol!
Don't know if that is always a good thing... but we will find out.

After she was dry behind her ears,
I made her skeleton from chenille wire...

Today I have wraped her body with
some adhesive bandage
and I fixated the ends with tacky glue.

So this is as far as we are for now...

And we are very very pleased with the results :)
Next step will be the wigging of her hair...

I will keep you up-dated!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. ooooh, vindt ze dat niet erg dat je haar zo in haar blootje laat zien??? Ze ziet er prima uit trouwens..ik kan haast niet wachten tot ze haar en kleren heeft!!!

  2. Ha ha ha dat heb ik haar eigenlijk niet gevraagd... misschien had ik het even met een zwart balkje moeten afplakken? lol! ;)
    Kleren... daar zeg je wat... heb ik nog niet echt over nagedacht, ja de sokken wel ha ha ha!

  3. After she was dry behind the ears... *grin* thanks for that good laugh! She looks lovely with her ears - and she's really tall now.


  4. Jollie, I think she is drop dead gorgeous ! I love my dolls tall with skinny legs because they look good sitting over a table with dangling legs :). Those ears , really pretty too. Fairies don't wear earrings do they?


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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