woensdag 30 maart 2011

No Tulips for now :( but Cacti

Well actually I was working on some more tulips
I promised to make some tulips 
and I also offered Norma to make some for her.
But I guess it has to wait a bit longer than I expected...

My left hand still hurts and I can't seem
to manage to wrap the leaves
on the stems (is that how it is called?) of the tulips :(
They are ready and waiting now for their finishing touch!
Well... I just have to be a little more patience ;)
I know Norma doesn't mind,
but I don't know how long I have for the
project we are working on with a bunch of miniaturists?
I believe it was until Easter? Does anyone know??

In the meanwhile I am searching for things that I can do...
This is what I started today:

A while ago I saw this great tutorial from Casey's Minis
Am am a real cacti freak! I just love them!
Not only because they are easy to keep alive here in Greece 
when it gets so hot in the summer lol!

I started with painting the pieces of potpourri this morning :)
Still have to find something that I can use for a pot 
or dish to put them in...
But I won't be working at any more minis today,
I think it is better to give my hand some rest,
 so I can finish those tulips real soon ;)

Hugs Jollie

zondag 27 maart 2011

Give Away for my Followers

Been working on this for a while
but I just can't work on only one project, 
so it took some time before I finished
My first Give Away!!! :)

Since we have summertime now
I thought it would be nice to offer you
a bit of a summer feeling ;)
I hope you enjoy my Beach Style gifts...

(click on the photos to enlarge)

All the minis are 1:12 and handmade by me
The tiny seashells and sea glass
I have found on the beach near my house :)
(Sea glass is glass that has been tumbled and smoothed 
by the waves, water and sand, 
creating smooth, frosted shards of glass)

Some more photos...

How to win this Give Away?

1: Be a Follower or become a Follower.

2: Leave a comment at this post 
to let me know you want to participate.

I would appreciate it if you would put a link to my give-away 
on your blog, but it is not required.

You can enter until the 1th of May.

Good luck everyone! ;)
And thank you sooo much for your interest in my blog! :)

Jollie and Aivie

zaterdag 26 maart 2011

Earth Hour 2011 - Please join?

Please join tonight???
To show you care about our one and only planet...
Switch off your lights for Earth Hour 

at 8.30/20.30 (your local time)... for one hour.

This Earth Hour 2011: 8.30pm, Saturday 26 March, celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world, and add more to your Earth Hour.

From its inception as a single-city initiative -- Sydney, Australia - in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global symbol of hope and movement for change. Earth Hour 2010 created history as the world's largest ever voluntary action with people, businesses and governments in 128 countries across every continent coming together to celebrate an unambiguous commitment to the one thing that unites us all -- the planet.

Sign up to earthhour.org, switch off your lights for Earth Hour 2011, and share the positive actions you will sustain for earth beyond the hour.

Hugs Jollie

vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Little Guinea Pigs

A: 'Look Henriëtta...
I believe the little guinea pigs
 like their new home and the hay we given them!!'
H: 'Yes! They love it!!
but the brown one is still a little shy...' 
A: 'Do you think she is afraid of Athina?
Owls do eat mice you know... but she won't hurt them
or would you Athina?'
H: 'No... I don't think so, she to wise for that!'
Ath: 'Well... ha ha ha ha ha ha.... (foolish girl!)
I won't eat them they are a little too big for me'.

L: 'Woef woef!!... I want to see them too!!'
A: 'Okay, lets sit on the bench so you can sit on my lab
and have a look at them'.

H: 'I am so glad that I am finaly here in Greece now
with you and your wonderful animals!' :)
A: 'Yeah... me too! 
It is so nice to talk with a real lady!
But ehhh...
a cup of tea would be nice now don't you think?'
H: 'Yes that would be lovely...'
A: 'Jollie would you please be so sweet and get us a cup of tea?'
J: 'Talk to a real lady huh?
So what does that make me, the butler?' ;)
A: 'Ehhh no of course not!
You will always be my best friend Jollie'.
J: Ha ha ha... you really make me laugh Aivie!
well allright then... here's your tea...'

J: 'Aivie who is that little girl with the flower?'
A: 'I don't know...'
H: 'Oh, that is Narcis she sneaked into the parcel with me
and kept me and the guinea pigs company on our trip! 
I am glad she did, I felt not so lonely. 
A: 'Hi Narcis, nice to meet you and welcome to Greece! :)'
N: 'Hi Aivie nice to meet you too!'

J: 'Aivie, what did you do with Lykos??
Poor little wolf with that crown on his head!'
A: 'Ha ha ha, ain't he cute? See how much he is trained already!'
J: 'That is not funny! 
and it is not one of the things you should be teaching him!
L: 'I love this crown, I think I look really friendly now!'
A: 'Ha ha ha... yes you doooo! 
You are the friendliest wolf I've ever known!'
J: 'Yeah... and you've know a lot of bad wolfs didn't you ha ha ha!'
H: 'I agree, he is such a sweet little wolf 
I almost can't believe he is one! 
H: & A:  Ha ha ha ha ha!!'
Ath: 'Don't you girls want to think about some names 
for the little guinea pigs??
Instead of making fun of our Lykos!'
A: 'Ehhh...hi hi... Yes Athina that is a good idea! 
Well, what would be nice names...

Hugs Jollie
and the 'Fairy Farm!' ;)

donderdag 24 maart 2011

Lady Henriëtta de Winter Arrived

She was the first Give Away that I won! :)
and she was handmade by Birgit
Well, it took a mighty long time for her to
travel from Germany to Greece,
but finaly she has arrived...

May I introduce you to 'Lady Henriëtta de Winter'
(click on the photos to enlarge)
She is sooo soft and cute
 and a real lady with that pretty hat!
(Hat is made by Kat-the-hat-lady)

Birgit is such a generous lady
she has really spoiled me with her lots of beautiful extras!

Birgit I am soo happy that Lady Henrïetta has survived her trip!
And thank you sooo much for all those wonderful extra goodies :)
You are really too kind!! 
Aivie wants to give you a big hug!!
She is speachless ever since she opend the package...
(It's so nice and quiet here today ha ha)
Maybe some of you are wondering if I still make minis?
Well... I am trying to...
Last week I stumbled over a bucket of water, got all wet yes! ;)
and that was the funny part of it.
The next day wasn't that funny anymore
 because I noticed that I got 
my left wrist and hand hurt pretty badly!
Allthough I am right handed 
I still need my left hand too to make minis...
It is getting better now but I guess it takes time to heal.

In the meanwhile I am enjoying the beautiful gifts 
I recieved this week from my friends ;)

Hugs for all of you!
Jollie and Aivie

woensdag 23 maart 2011

Give Away from Italy and Gifts from Holland

Yesterday I recieved the second Give Away
that I have won... Lucky me!! :) 
(the first one is still on her way to Greece)

It is this beautiful table with flowers,
flower seeds and some more perfect little minis!
All handmade by Sonya from Italy.
Thank you soooo much Sonya for your beautiful give away!! :)
Aivie loves every little detailed item you have given to us,
it will get a nice place in her 'Shabby Fairy Cottage'.

(click on the photo's to enlarge)

Here is a closer look at the gorgeous little minis she made :)

Than .... what a surprise...
There was a second package in my mailbox!
It was send by Sabiha from Holland 
I was soooo in love with the 'seashell soap dish' 
that she showed on her blog a while ago!
Have a look what a marvelous gifts she send to me and Aivie...

(click photos to enlarge)
She also send me some of the little seashells so I can make some soap dishes myself :)

Here is a closer look at the pretty little botttle with rosebuds
and the 'seashell soap dish' with a tiny little piece of soap in it!
(the viennetta ice box has a sharp written text, 
it just looks blurry because I took the photo wrong ;)

Thank you sooo much Sab for these beautiful gifts!!!
I love them all! 
And Aivie is already making a design of her bathroom now ;)

Jollie & Aivie

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Staircase and Tortoises for the Fairy Cottage

The third package that we opened last thursday
was the staircase that we picked out
for Aivie's new Dollhouse
I am making a design of a 'Shabby Fairy Cottage' for her.

It is more difficult than I hoped it would be... lol!
But I think it's going to be perfect for her.
Of course Aivie has a great deal to say about it,
it will be her house right? ;)

Here is the staircase we purchased...

and as a surprise I ordered two tortoises for her too.
(she's still thinking of the names for them)
The doggie and the third tortoise 
was a gift from me to my mother for her dollhouse. 
My parents have a small dog just like this one ;)

Here are some of the tortoises I have in my garden...

And these little baby's were born here in the garden
or at my parents garden, 
they have some tortoises running around too :)

Don't worry about the cats, they won't hurt them! 
I raised them very well... lol ;)

Jollie & Aivie

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Gifts from Holland!!

Today Aivie and I (that's gonna be 'us' or 'we')
 recieved some very beautiful gifts from Holland!! :)

The first package that I opened was from Monique
She was so kind to offer me some of her 'troetels'
(Monique collected them at the supermarket 
who gave them away with every 15 euro shopping).

Monique wrote in the beautiful fairy card 
that two of the 'troetels' were for Aivie and two for me :)

Beside the 'troetels' there were some more gifts in the package!!!
Two very sweet 'Nijntje' bunnies!! 
The cutest little book about love :)
And some very pretty flowers for crafts!

Aivie said: 'Can I have the cute little wolf??
I want to keep him as a pet'.
I asked her if she was sure about that wolf.
Cute and wolf in one sentence doesn't really make sence to me...
J: 'It is still a wild animal you do relise that??'
A: 'Well I am very good with animals you know that'.
J: 'Yeah I know... okay then... but I better keep the polar bear,
we don't want more trouble with wild life to start with!
And I think it is a good idea that you keep the owl,
so she can give you some good advice with training that wolf!
A: 'Great idea!! 
But the owl could also be a great help with your crafts!'
J: 'Well we can craft together with her right?'
A: 'Yes we can do that I guess......

A: But I also like the cute little panda bear...'
(Do I hear again cute and little together?)
J: 'Sweety listen, Panda bears look very cute, 
but they are really not all that cute, you know that don't you?
So I will keep the panda bear for now, 
and we will see about her later.
It is better to concentrate yourself on your 'cute little' wolf first'.
A: 'Allright then...'

Aivie named her owl after the Greek Goddess of wisdom 'Athena'
(the owl is the symbol of Athena).
In Greek we say Athina, so her name will be Athina.

The Greek word for wolf is 'Lykos'
A: 'That is a beautiful name for this little wolf!
And ehhh Jollie?'
J: 'Yes sweety'
A: 'Can I also have the Nijntjes??? Pleeeeease???'

I told her when I was a little child 
my mom read stories to me about 'Nijntje' 
from the author Dick Bruna
and that I still have those little books :)
J: 'Well... you're such a sweet girl, of course you can have them! 
And the book about love is yours too!! ;)'
A: Wow... another book!!! I love to read!!!

A & J: Thank you soooo much Monique for your beautiful gifts!! :)

(A close up from 'the book of love'!)

Than we started to open the second package...
It was from our friend Margriet.

A: 'Jollie what is that????'
J: 'Ha ha, you are such a lucky girl Aivie!! 
You like M-tjes (Margriet) cute little bear E-Beertje so much,
look what she send us!!! :)

J: 'Instead of you keeping the wild Panda Bear,
I can make your own little teddy bear now!!!
Ain't that a much better idea??'
A: 'Much better idea huh?? A very bad idea you mean!
You know how you are with sewing things!!!
Ha ha ha!! I have to see about that first too!!!
And you are worried about me training Lykos huh??
Well, make sure you keep Athina close to that project! 
And ehhh...
you find yourself some better glasses than your reading glasses 
if you start with this teddy bear challenge!'
J: 'Hey I am doing this for you! 
So you can have your own teddy bear to cuddle!!'
A: 'Yeahhh I know...... It will be a very cute bear I am sure! ;) lol!
J: I still have to learn a lot of things in this mini world
that I would like to make for you,
so you could be happy that I will give it a try!'
A: '.... Well.... I am.... and it is very sweet of you
and of course of M-tje to send us everything you need for it!! :)
J: 'Yes it is very sweet of M-tje to send us all the materials I need.
Thank you sooo much Margriet!! :)
A: 'Yes, thank you so much M-tje!! :)
(But I will be training Lykos when Jollie starts to try to make a cuddly teddy bear! 
Don't need to hear her @#%*#!! ) lol!

J: 'Well sweety, time to go to bed now!'
A: 'What about that other package that came today??'
J: 'We will tell about that tomorrow...'

Hugs, Jollie & Aivie

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Still a Little Child

I am very happy with the fact that I am still
just like a little kid! lol!! ;)

I just love all kinds of plush/stuffed animals
I always get sooo weak when I see them.
For many years in the past, I collected big cats 
(I mean: not the domesticated but the wild ones)
and I still have kept them on the attic at my parents house, 
because I don't have the space to display them all in my house.
I just have a few of them standing here.

Surfing around the internet in the miniature world
I've been seeing lots of very talented artists,
(not only miniaturist)
that really take my breath away with their gorgeous creations!

Well... I just needed to share this blog with you:

Have a peek at some of her beautiful creations!

My favorite is of course this little Pomeranian Puppy!!
Guess what... I have a Black Pom myself, :)
her name is Bo and she will turn 13 years old next August!! :)
This reminds me of how the time flies... 
I still remember that day when I took her home with me...
Bo's size as a puppy was about the size of Melisa's Pom
on this photo above!! lol!


vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Aivie is Reborn!! :)

My I introduce you to Aivie
my Fairy...

(click on the photos to enlarge)

Did you notice that she has two different coloured wings?
She broke one of her wings when she was a teenager
that's how it became pale pink...
It took a long time before she finaly learned to fly again ;)
But finaly here she is!!!!

I am very very proud of her and I love how she turned out 
now she's all grown up!

I can always change her skirt if she gets bored on this one
but the top has to stay the way it is.

Maybe you can see some of the glue in her hair on the photos,
but don't worry that will dry up very clear!

This is how she was before I started on her major surgery ;)

Thanks for looking :)
We wish you all a very nice weekend!!
Jollie & Aivie

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