vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Gifts from Holland!!

Today Aivie and I (that's gonna be 'us' or 'we')
 recieved some very beautiful gifts from Holland!! :)

The first package that I opened was from Monique
She was so kind to offer me some of her 'troetels'
(Monique collected them at the supermarket 
who gave them away with every 15 euro shopping).

Monique wrote in the beautiful fairy card 
that two of the 'troetels' were for Aivie and two for me :)

Beside the 'troetels' there were some more gifts in the package!!!
Two very sweet 'Nijntje' bunnies!! 
The cutest little book about love :)
And some very pretty flowers for crafts!

Aivie said: 'Can I have the cute little wolf??
I want to keep him as a pet'.
I asked her if she was sure about that wolf.
Cute and wolf in one sentence doesn't really make sence to me...
J: 'It is still a wild animal you do relise that??'
A: 'Well I am very good with animals you know that'.
J: 'Yeah I know... okay then... but I better keep the polar bear,
we don't want more trouble with wild life to start with!
And I think it is a good idea that you keep the owl,
so she can give you some good advice with training that wolf!
A: 'Great idea!! 
But the owl could also be a great help with your crafts!'
J: 'Well we can craft together with her right?'
A: 'Yes we can do that I guess......

A: But I also like the cute little panda bear...'
(Do I hear again cute and little together?)
J: 'Sweety listen, Panda bears look very cute, 
but they are really not all that cute, you know that don't you?
So I will keep the panda bear for now, 
and we will see about her later.
It is better to concentrate yourself on your 'cute little' wolf first'.
A: 'Allright then...'

Aivie named her owl after the Greek Goddess of wisdom 'Athena'
(the owl is the symbol of Athena).
In Greek we say Athina, so her name will be Athina.

The Greek word for wolf is 'Lykos'
A: 'That is a beautiful name for this little wolf!
And ehhh Jollie?'
J: 'Yes sweety'
A: 'Can I also have the Nijntjes??? Pleeeeease???'

I told her when I was a little child 
my mom read stories to me about 'Nijntje' 
from the author Dick Bruna
and that I still have those little books :)
J: 'Well... you're such a sweet girl, of course you can have them! 
And the book about love is yours too!! ;)'
A: Wow... another book!!! I love to read!!!

A & J: Thank you soooo much Monique for your beautiful gifts!! :)

(A close up from 'the book of love'!)

Than we started to open the second package...
It was from our friend Margriet.

A: 'Jollie what is that????'
J: 'Ha ha, you are such a lucky girl Aivie!! 
You like M-tjes (Margriet) cute little bear E-Beertje so much,
look what she send us!!! :)

J: 'Instead of you keeping the wild Panda Bear,
I can make your own little teddy bear now!!!
Ain't that a much better idea??'
A: 'Much better idea huh?? A very bad idea you mean!
You know how you are with sewing things!!!
Ha ha ha!! I have to see about that first too!!!
And you are worried about me training Lykos huh??
Well, make sure you keep Athina close to that project! 
And ehhh...
you find yourself some better glasses than your reading glasses 
if you start with this teddy bear challenge!'
J: 'Hey I am doing this for you! 
So you can have your own teddy bear to cuddle!!'
A: 'Yeahhh I know...... It will be a very cute bear I am sure! ;) lol!
J: I still have to learn a lot of things in this mini world
that I would like to make for you,
so you could be happy that I will give it a try!'
A: '.... Well.... I am.... and it is very sweet of you
and of course of M-tje to send us everything you need for it!! :)
J: 'Yes it is very sweet of M-tje to send us all the materials I need.
Thank you sooo much Margriet!! :)
A: 'Yes, thank you so much M-tje!! :)
(But I will be training Lykos when Jollie starts to try to make a cuddly teddy bear! 
Don't need to hear her @#%*#!! ) lol!

J: 'Well sweety, time to go to bed now!'
A: 'What about that other package that came today??'
J: 'We will tell about that tomorrow...'

Hugs, Jollie & Aivie

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Fijn dat het goed is overgekomen!! Ik ben erg benieuwd wat voor beertje uit jouw handen gaat komen :-)

  2. Ja ik ook nu ik gezien heb hoe klein dat hij wordt ha ha ha ;) harstikke bedankt nog meid, ik ben er erg blijmee! :)

  3. congratulations for the gifts received, I love the little wolf, too!
    Aivie is very sweet!
    good WE!

  4. I wish I would get some "troetels" for shopping around here - when I'm lucky I can collect some points for a price reduced knife set at our local supermarket. Why can't they offer something useful like that cute little chaps... *sigh* Loved that little discussion between the two of you... and have fun while sewing your first bear. I wait for the results... ;O)

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Wat een leuk verhaal heb je weer gemaakt :-)
    De troetels zijn inderdaad precies de goede maat voor Aivie. Heel veel succes met het superkleine berenpatroontje!!! Ik heb de beertjes van Margriet gezien en dat wordt vast heel erg mooi!!!
    Fijn weekend.

  6. what sweet gifts! I can't wait to see the teddy bear- that is so small to sew!


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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