woensdag 30 maart 2011

No Tulips for now :( but Cacti

Well actually I was working on some more tulips
I promised to make some tulips 
and I also offered Norma to make some for her.
But I guess it has to wait a bit longer than I expected...

My left hand still hurts and I can't seem
to manage to wrap the leaves
on the stems (is that how it is called?) of the tulips :(
They are ready and waiting now for their finishing touch!
Well... I just have to be a little more patience ;)
I know Norma doesn't mind,
but I don't know how long I have for the
project we are working on with a bunch of miniaturists?
I believe it was until Easter? Does anyone know??

In the meanwhile I am searching for things that I can do...
This is what I started today:

A while ago I saw this great tutorial from Casey's Minis
Am am a real cacti freak! I just love them!
Not only because they are easy to keep alive here in Greece 
when it gets so hot in the summer lol!

I started with painting the pieces of potpourri this morning :)
Still have to find something that I can use for a pot 
or dish to put them in...
But I won't be working at any more minis today,
I think it is better to give my hand some rest,
 so I can finish those tulips real soon ;)

Hugs Jollie

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh no, it's terrible that you have an injury. As you know there is no hurry whatsoever to make the tulips for me and if you are unable to meet the deadline for Caterina's project she will understand too - there's not much we can do in these circumstances. Take it easy!!

  2. Jollie, take care of your hand and take it easy. Have fun with your cacti. Minihugs Rosanna

  3. Great substitute for the tulip-making! Take care of your hand, I'm convinced noone in this project will mind if it takes you a little longer than normal...


  4. Wat vervelend dat je nog steeds zo'n last van je hand hebt! Maar die cacti zijn wel erg leuk!!!
    jakkes, wat is het lekker weer bij jou!!! ;-)

  5. oh no Jollie- I hope you heal quickly! Your cacti look great so far :)

  6. A good idea for the cacti! I also try. Take care of your hand.
    Bye Faby

  7. Jollie, the cacti look great so far! Somewhere on my blog there are instructions for making terracotta pots from cardstock and string. If I can find them I will let you know.They are really easy to do.

  8. Cuidate mucho esa mano.
    Seguro que los cactus te van a quedar genial.
    besitos ascension

  9. Wat vervelend dat je nog zo'n last van je hand hebt. Nog maar even rustig aan doen!! Dat idee voor de cactussen is wel heel erg leuk!!!
    Liefs, Monique

  10. Wat vervelend van je hand!! Ik weet uit ervaring hoe rot het is als je hoofd wel wil maar je hand niet;-) Doe maar rustig aan.
    Leuk idee van die cactussen, kan je toch nog wat maken;-)

  11. How are you feeling now Jollie? Rest well so that we can see your work soon :). And THANK YOU! I love the idea of using potpourri for cacti. I am going to meself aplenty of em. :)

  12. Thank you all so much for your kind words about my hand, it really helps me to relise that it is better to take it easy at the moment...

    Hugs Jollie

  13. !!! wonderful wonderful! i'm glad to have finally found your blog, Jollie :D :D

    Sans!!! you've found your solution!!! XD


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Have a nice day!, Jollie

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