zaterdag 30 april 2011

Update - Black Cat Boutique and More

I am just a  'new kid on the block' as a matter of speaking...
So I decided that I start to go on with my Black Cat Boutique before
I want to make my own Fairy Cottage... at the moment...
That is a bit too much for me to start with...
I really want to practice my skills a bit more first lol! ;)

But an update on that later...
First I want to celebrate upcomming MayDay (1th of May)
that's the day that I had choose for my give away :)
And a day we celebrate, well my believings might be a bit different than yours...
But that's fine with me :)

In Greece we celebrate May Day tomorrow,
I know that many counties do celebrate this labour day too.
Here in Greece we make a 'wild flower' door crown!
We collect flowers along the road and in the fields
and put them togheter in a  crown wreath...
I never have made one myself, but I want to do that tomorrow
on this special day :)
 I will go and collect some beautiful wild flowers...

In the meanwhile the owners of my house (they arrived yesterday)
made me a very beautiful 'Stefaní' (that is how these crowns are called here)....

Ain't it just  blooming so bright and beautiful? :)
If you are interested, read some more about 

Next that I wanted to share with you...
is that I went to Nafplio yesterday with my mom and some friends of us.
We had such a perfect day!!!! :)
Beautiful weather, great food at the most charming restaurant...
And some great findings for  my collection :)

(You must know that I have two dogs, a gorgeous colli her name is Nina,
and a dangerous Black Pomeranian her name is Bo ;)
Look what I accidently run into....

And... I found this adorable tiny fairy statue!!
She will look great in my new challenge... 
Look what I won at Katie's Claycorner!! ;)

Today we went to Ermioni for a delicious cup of coffee
and after that we went to the beach to relax.

I always have to search for some great beach findings that the
ocean has brought to land lol!
These are my today's beach findings :)

And last but not least... ;)
I have picked up my work at the Shabby Black Cat Boutique again...
It will be a small and shabby shop
were a friendly fairy sells mostley handmade cat gifts 
Well... not just any cat gift...
She has a passion for Black Cats and wants to show that
black cats are sooo sweet... but also mysterious...
all of her handmade crafts happen to have a black cat on it :)

Ehhem... back to reality... lol!
I have finished the floor for the black cat boutique late last night... 
it was so much fun to do this!

That's all folks! ha ha ha

for now....

Hugs Jollie

vrijdag 29 april 2011

Welcome to all my new Followers!

I was soooo busy in 'real life' the last weeks,
that I even forgot to give my new followers a warm welcome! ;)

So to all my new (and the older folowers too lol)

Thank you all so much for your interst in my hobby!!
I hope you will enjoy my miniworld :)

zaterdag 23 april 2011

Happy Easter!

Thank you all so much for all your lovely Happy Easter wishes :)

I want to wish all of you also a Happy Easter too!

A new video from Simon's Cat for Easter...
It's all about love! :)

Hugs Jollie

Shabby Watering Cans :)

Been busy with this for a while, it was a lot of work!
Here are my newest creations that I have made together
with the pots and vases remember?
All of them have a different pattern...

(click on the photos to enlarge)

I am off to bed now! I am soooo tired ;)
Hugs Jollie

donderdag 21 april 2011

Lucky me! :)

I am such a lucky girl :)
Look what I found in my mailbox today...

I won this beautiful give away at Michelle's blog:
It is a gorgeous Morning Glory kit (from Pepperwood Miniatures).
And the pretty flower arrangement from roses, 
daisies and poppies in a blue vase, 
as the Primulas in the cute little white pot she made herself!

(click on the photos to enlarge)

 Look how realistic the flowers are...

I am sooo happy with them!!!
Thank you very much Michelle!

And before I forget...
Aivie wants to thank you for this wonderful give away with a big hug!
She can't stop fantasising about her new house now.
Your gifts are exactly in the colours that she wants to use 
for the interior in her new Shabby Fairy Cottage! ;)

Hugs Jollie & Aivie

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Shabby Cacti Arrangements

I am still too busy in real life, but... 
I have finished my 'Shabby Cacti Arrangements' :)
Well they are not all arrangements, most of them
are standing alone in a shabby pot or vase
but 'Shabby Cacti Arrangements' sounds nice lol! ;)

(click on the photos to enlarge)

As you can see 
I've also put some plastic bush in the shabby vases, 
looks real nice too don't you think?
Well... I am very satisfied with the results! :)
The main idea's I found on Casey's Minis blog
(see also my older posts about the cacti, pots and vases)

Here are some close-ups with a 20 Eurocent coin next to it
so you have a better idea of how small they are...

Thanks for looking :)

I'll be back... soon!
Hugs Jollie

zaterdag 16 april 2011

Still busy...

Just came in to say hi to you all
I am still very busy in my 'real life' so unfortunately I have
no time at the moment to visit all your blogs :(
I do miss that... 
but in the evenings I am too tired at the moment.
Well... the good news is
it is very relaxing for me to work on my miniatures :)
So I am still doing that in the few hours that I find some time to relax ;)

Don't worry it will not be longer than another week at the most
before I will be back on your blogs ;)

Have a great weekend!
Hugs Jollie

zondag 10 april 2011

Shabby Pots and Vases

Next week I won't have a lot of time for my miniworld
I promised my mom to help her with some things.

But today...
 it was such a beautiful warm and sunny day 
so I spend all morning to gave
the pots, planters and vases a shabby look!

(click on the photos to enlarge)

I am so happy with them!
They turned out exactly how I wanted them to be :)

I just have to give them topcoats, 
then they're ready for planting the cacti :)

Thanks for looking.

Hugs Jollie

zaterdag 9 april 2011

Elwin and Merlin's 5th Birthday!

Yes, today is another birthday ;)
From the two brothers Merlin and Elwin

I can write a long story about them...
But I will try to keep it short ;)
They were born at a mechanical workshop from a friend of mine.
And now they are ruling over my life lol!

For my entire life I always had a black cat living with me.
For some reason they are different than the other cats
Don't ask me why, I really don't know
but it is absolutely true that they have 
a far more mysterious character.

All cats have their own character, just like humans and other animals
but I never had such strange cats as these two!
It is impossible to explane their character in a few sentences.
But I tell you, it makes them both unique 
and soooo incredibly different than my other cats.

Elwin has more the looks of an Oriental Shorthair
and is the most inteligent cat I ever met.
As quick as lightning he can really flash trough the house
without letting anything fall on the floor...
His trick is to turn himself around against the door and flash on!
(You know... like skateboarders do at a wall)
I always close my eyes and hope that he has it all under control!

When Elwin wants something, he doesn't come to me... NO!
He goes to the kitchen counter and meows
if I don't respond to that fast enough, 
he starts to move things with his paw!
most of the times it is the bottle of water or the cans with my coffeepads
He knows that I can hear that... meows again (to worn me)
well lets say
I have about four of his 'movements' to respond on his demand
or guess what else... yeah... right! 
The thing he is moving will land on the floor!
Clever huh?
Well... when I respond to his willing he will give me a hug!
That's nice isn't it ;)

Oh, yes and before I forget... Elwin is the father of Zorba!

Merlin... has the most charming and enchanting look in his eyes,
well maybe not on the next photo, 
it's very well possible that he had a bad mood ;)
but you'll see when you compare this one with
 some other photos that he really does have 'the looks'!

Merlin is the only cat I know with a thick 'userguide'
With written on the first page: 'Handle With Care!'
I could write a book just about him!
He makes history almost every day with something he does!
He is so very mysterious... and... the most sensitive guy.
His name suits him well, believe me ;)

Elwin doesn't like strange people around the house!
Merlin is too curious and wants to know EVERYHING that's going on here.
Nothing will pass his nose without seeing it.
And he demands to be involved in it too!
He even goes to the bathroom with me to check that out!
And makes me crazy with his 'theater' if I dare to lock him outside ;)

If something in Merlin's territory is changing 
he immediately starts screeming! 
Until I show up to look 'what happened'
He is like an alarm system!
Except for one thing...
Merlin pumps up his volume if it takes too long before I respond!
It doesn't matter to him if it has started to rain 
or if I moved a chair to another corner...
Everyone should be aware of it!

Elwin loves to cuddle with every dog and all other kind of animals
(and sometimes with me too) he is friendly to my other cats
but likes to tease Ivy sometimes! 
He loves and protects his son Zorba, no matter what!
Elwin has a broken relationship with Zoë, the mother of Zorba
but is practically re-married to Moortje
(more about them later on their birthdays)

Merlin is only focused on me!
He is my buddy and we are connected in a special way.
Not that I favor him above the others, I love all of them.
But Merlin well... he is just weird... lol

I can really talk with him and he always answers :)
With his loud voice or just with his eyes and grimace on his face, 
he is a masterpiece on expressing himself!

Merlin hates it when I have to go out of the house for more than one hour!
When I come back ('finaly' is written all over his face!)
He waits me up at the door and as I enter inside,
Merlin doesn't want to be spoken too!
He gives me the nastiest look he can think of
then turns his back on me and starts to ignoring me 
mostley that mood stays for the rest of the day.
Or... I have to pamper him for at least an hour!

Well as I said... 
I could go on and on about these two brothers! 
They are both extremly high inteligent and do things 
that I have never seen before 
(and I had a lot of different cats around me ever since I was born :)
These little stories were just a few fragments that just came up now.

Anyway... Thanks for reading this pretty long story! lol!
Here are some more photos!

Merlin has always been a top model when I want to take a photo

See what I mean... sitting and demanding on the kitchen counter!

Elwin is more difficult to catch on camera

Merlin doesn't like cold and bad weather,
he gets depressed and moody from it! Merlin LOVES the sun!
Elwin doesn't mind he loves to be outside in the catrun at any time.

As you can see, Merlin has a typical white stripe
of just a few hairs in his neck ;)

And Elwin has a bit of white on his belly and on his throat 
That's what you more often see at black cats ;)

Merlin always wants to sleep in my wardrobe,
he opens the door by himself
and if I dare to put cloths on the bottom shelf, 
he will just trow them all on the floor
exept for one or two pieces which are comfortable to sleep on!
So funny...when you don't have enough space to organize 
all the clothes and other stuff!

Well so far a very short version of their characters.
For now I say... 

Happy Birthday
to the rulers of my house, but also the most cutest
and mysterious brothers ever!
I am so glad that I have found you both 
you do make my life complete :)

Hugs Jollie

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Ivy's 9th Birthday

You will notice now that most of my cats
were born in the springtime ;)
Today it is Ivy's 9th birthday!

Well it is not a very long story about her...
Before I had Ivy
I had a very lovely blue grey cat his name was Mitch
unfortunately he died too soon :(
I loved that cat soo much 
and still I am blown away from that gorgeous colour...

So... I made a wish... 
I wished that I would find such a beautiful and sweet blue grey cat again... 
and sometimes If you really want it...
wishes do come true! ;)
Because since 9 years I am owned by Ivy!!

She doesn't have a pedigree, but that doesn't matter to me at all! 
She is adorable :) 
Ivy has a real role model character, such a sweet and very quiet girl!

So today especialy for my sweetie :)

Hugs Jollie

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