dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Loedertje's 3th Birthday

Today I will introduce you to my cat Loedertje
because it is her 3th birthday...

There is really not so much to tell about her,
she's a quiet little girl but not so very friendly!
Her name Loedertje is a Dutch saying for 'a being' that is naughty 
and not particularly nice as well!
I guess it means something like you call a Scoundrel
She is the type that is very much on her own, her only friend is Elwin.
She is very snappy to the other cats (especialy to Moortje) 
and sometimes to me also.

Loedertje came to my house once upon a day 3 years ago.
I think she was about 8 till 12 weeks old.
She was very very hungry and oh sooo skinny...

After a good meal she decided to stay... of course! 

First I just wanted to keep her outside of the catrun,
but Elwin insisted that she could stay with him!
All the time he was sitting infront of the catrun door, screaming for her
and begging me to let her in... 
Well what do I have to say here anyways huh?
Every cat person knows that you are owned by your cat(s),
you never own them LOL 
So they will tell you what you should do... 
and of course you'll notice what they won't allow you to do!

That is how Loedertje came to live with us.
Elwin is her most dearest friend, that goes for both ways
he adores her too the little cat with attitude that she is lol!

Doesn't she look sooo cute with her black and white colors 

Well.. today is her 3th birthday
so here is a big and loud Happy Birthday!!!!

for Loedertje, my 'Cattitude Girl' 
Hugs Jollie

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Gefeliciteerd met de kleine meid!!
    Liefs Syl

    Ps ik heb het een beetje druk dus je mail kan ik nog even niet beantwoorden

  2. Joyeux anniversaire !
    c'est amusant , j'ai aussi une chatte noire et blanche qui a "un sale caractère "

  3. Happy birthday to Loedertje!
    Lovely day to you too:)
    Greetings, piikko

  4. Happy birthday to Loedertje! Hugs to you Jollie:)

  5. Maybe it's all in the name and you should have named her "Black Cutie"... (LOL) It's nice to hear the stories about your cats, they really got character and style. So, Happy Birthday to you, Loedertje!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Happy birthday, Loedertje! Thank you so much for taking her in, Jollie! She is just scared after living on the street, poor thing. I'm glad she has friends now. :-)

  7. Beautiful kitty, Happy Birthday!
    trish at Loganberrylane.blogspot.com

  8. 3 years old! Your kitty is lovely.

    We have a cat who has a similar attitude as yours, LOL. Her name is Peekaboo.

    She loves us, but on her terms. Secretly, I think she wants to cuddle, but she's still too afraid to let us pick her up. That's ok..we can be patient.

    The gifts you gave Casey are beautiful! You are very talented!

  9. She's beautiful! I love her toes:)

    She looks a lot like my Cleo! But Cleo is as sweet as she can be.... Maybe one day Loedertje will be sweet, too?! Happy Birthday purty kitty! :)

  10. Loedertje is very lovely. Our cat was a stray also, he would not leave our front stoop until we let him in to live with us. At first he was very distant but slowly over time he warmed to us. Now at 18 yrs old he is very cuddly.
    Happy Birthday Loedertje.


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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