maandag 29 augustus 2011

Kitchen and Hallway Floor Finished!

Yesterday, Schroeder was a fantastic little helper again.
The kitchen and hallway floor is now ready!

It is a bit crooked lol,
but it has a certain charm... I think 

The grout has also become slightly lighter now when it was dry,
in these pictures it was just finished and not quite dry.

Well this was my first tiled floor,
Sylvia gave me some great advise about 'how to'
and I LOVE how it turned out!! 

Hugs Jollie

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Gifts from Marlies and Jolande

Yesterday I found unexpectedly beautiful gifts
in my mailbox!
These beautiful minis Marlies has made for me ...
The pictures are not so well taken, they really look much better!

And all the way from Riga in Latvia Jolande brought
this incredibly beautiful black cat (made ​​of wood) 
She thought immediately about me (and the black cat boutique that I am making)
so look what I found, together with this card funny cats,  in my mailbox... 

 The pictures are again not well done but it's possible to see, I hope ...

Jolande and Marlies again thank you SO much!
I am very happy with all of it!!!  

In the meanwhile it is still freaking hot here...
So I don't do much besides taking it easy!

Hugs Jollie

maandag 15 augustus 2011

Small Up-date Modern Dollhouse

Because of the continuing heat here
I have not much energy left to do something at the moment.

Together with some help from Schroeder (father cat)
I've put the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and hallway in the primer.

But most of the day we all just hang around and relax.
Zorba is happy with that, because sleeping is his biggest hobby! 

Oh well in about a week or two the temperture will go down slowly.
And hopefully it will start to rain again soon, 
I am really looking forward to that,
We didn't have a raindrop since may... 

But for now... I am still enjoying this summer!  

Hugs Jollie

vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Simon's Cat: Hidden Treasure

Found out that there was a new cartoonvideo from my favorite 
cartoon cat Simon's Cat
and just HAD TO share it :-)

I am a bit absend at the moment... I know
but don't worry everythings fine,
guess I am having a meltdown from the during heat... ;-)
Hugs Jollie

zondag 7 augustus 2011

Update Kitchenfloor

Yesterday I cut the tiles of the kitchen floor. 
They still must be sanded a bit
because these are not exactly square tiles...

I'm still not sure...
a border or no border around it??
or just between the hall and the kitchen ...
What do you like best?

(click on the photos to enlarge)

This is with the borders around it.
On this one you can see it better...

This has just a border between the hall and the kitchen ...

I still don't know how the floor in the hall will be.
Or the same as this, or a pattern, or some other color.
I just wait with that for now...
first I want to see the wallpaper that I have ordered.

Thanks in advance for your opinions
on whether a border or no border around it 

Hugs Jollie

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Bo 13th Birthday!

Today we celebrate the 13th!!! Birthday
of my my dog Bo :-)

Bo is a black Pomeranian.
I have her with me since she was 8 weeks old...
(my gosh time flies!!!) 
And it is needless to tell you that she's my best friend ;-)
Everywere I go... She goes...
Even if I have to go to the toilet!! (no kiddin') LOL

Except if I go shopping, than I leave her at home
because she hates crowdy places,
and I can understand why... 
People easily step on het because she is so small... 

She is even smaller than most of my cats!
Behind her on the left you see Merlin...

She is a very friendly doggie
but make no mistake with that sweet face of hers!!
She's also very protective and can get
really agressive too ;-)
But honestly...
That's what I like so much about her,
she's only my best friend! ;-) 

Normaly a Pom does not get a hair cut
like some other dogs do.
But I do cut Bo's hair in the summer 
because it gets way too hot for her here in Greece.
This is how she looks after my grooming...

Bo my sweetie, have a very happy 13th birthday!! 

Hugs Jollie 

dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Update Modern Dollhouse

My progress is not very fast ;-)
but I do have a small update for you!

I have dry build the "garden rooms" which the lower floor of the house
I have just put it together with masking tape.
And then I have been searching for two days LOL, 
before I finally decided (after some proof prints)
how I want the kitchen floor to be...

The light for the pictures in my house is not optimal,
but you just have to deal with that for now ;-)

Yesterday I also had the paint colors mixed that I picked out
in a shop just outside of the village.

The gray-blue, I will use for all the 'wood' 
like the windows and the stairs.
Interior and exterior woodwork will get all these gray-blue color.
The outer walls will be off white with a very fine structure in it.
You can see the colors on the stirring sticks ...

I don't like the wallpaper I bought for the kitchen,
it totally does not fit with the picture that I have in my head!!! 
So at the moment I'm thinking of what I will do with it...

Hugs Jollie
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