zondag 25 september 2011

Bad Weather Damage

Last tuesday it rained for the first time since 3 months...
That is always a very happy moment after such a long time.
But this time it wasn't all joy...

It started to rain in the evening
and in no time the weather turned really bad into 
a very heavy thunderstorm with loud thunders 
and threatening lightning flashes!
I love to watch this kind of weather, so I was sitting in the catrun
under the roof, dry and safe...  
Than there was one loud BANG!!!... 
that left us out of electricity (till the next morning) 

But on top of it Zeus (the Greek God of thunder) was 
throwing hailstones as big as table tennis balls!! 
The cats were screeming that I had to go into the house,
the dogs were also very afraid...
Well... our God Zeus damaged the trees really really horrible :-(

The hugh fig tree behind my house suffered the most...
Click on the pictures to enlarge
 Do you see the two tortoises on the photo above?

This one is taken from the other side of the garden... 

And the lemon tree lost a lot of her leaves...
(on the leftside from the doghouse) 

And the olive trees lost almost all of the olives... :-( 
(the old dogbed is used as a shelter by the tortoises) 

 The next day I found out that my internet router was broken too. 
Later I heard that the lightning had struck something
in our neighbourhood with that big bang... 
Till yesterday I had no internet, but as you can see
I have installed a new modem and it works fine again. 

I still do have another problem though...
Wednesday when I was cleaning up all the mess
I have hurt my low back real bad...
And and the moment I have to deal with a

It is the third time for me that I have this back problem,
so I am aware of the risks if I don't take it easy for a while...
I have medication for the pain (which goes till the knee in my left leg),
but I still can't sit, walk or stand longer than a few minutes.
So I have to change place all the time, but that's okay. 
It's just that because of the pain 
I don't feel like doing anything at the moment!! 
It should be better in about 6 weeks... :-( 

I still have some more logs to write
because one of my cats had her birthday and 
I received a very lovely gift from Geneviève...
 So I will be back soon! 

Hugs Jollie 

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Jeetje Jolie, wat een weer heb je gehad.
    Ja de weergoden zijn onvoorspelbaar. Wij hebben een slechte zomer gehad en nu is 't een prachtige nazomer.
    Wat erg zeg, dat je zo'n last hebt van je rug. Ik hoop dat 't gauw verbetert.

    groet Heleni

  2. Wishing you well. I hope your back is better soon. Take care of yourself.
    Hugs Maria

  3. I am sorry to hear about the destruction in your garden. I ofetn suffer the same fate when there is a thunderstorm because we have many many trees here. I feel sad for the trees but Mother Nature can be indomitable when she is in a bad mood.

    On a cheerful note, I saw your wall tattoo and I am just so taken by the words you used. I LOVE the saying! Thank you for sharing, Jollie.

  4. Sorry to see the damage in your garden... mother nature can be a fury sometimes. It's sad that the long awaited rain caused such a mess. But even worse - I'm sorry to hear about your aching back, I wish you all the best, dear - get well soon and take care of yourself!


  5. I am sorry to read about your garden and most of all about your back. I wish you lots of the best health - get well soon, dear Jollie and take care of yourself. Hugs

  6. Wat een ravage, zo jammer dat de bomen beschadigd zijn maar gelukkig zijn je dieren ok. Leuk dat je ook schildpadden in de tuin hebt en goed idee om je hondenmand te gebruiken voor ze. Ik wens je heel veel beterschap, rugpijn is vreselijk vermoeiend, weet ik.

  7. Jollie, I hope you get better soon! I know about back problems and it's no fun. Take care of yourself.

  8. sorry about the bad weather damages, much more sorry about your back problems. Take some rest, I hope you'll get better soon.
    Take care,


  9. Oh Jollie, I am so sorry that your back is bad again - I too have a bad back and I know that herniated discs are incredibly painful!!!! Please take good care of yourself. Glad you are back on the internet though. Don't try to do any more cleaning up - what a nasty storm.
    gentle hugs and get well wishes

  10. Gelukkig is er niemand gewond geraakt bij het slechte weer!
    Ik hoop dat je rug snel geneest!
    Van harte beterschap gewenst.
    groetjes van Marieke

  11. Siento ver lo que le ha pasado a tu jardin, que pena de arboles.
    besitos ascension

  12. Jollie, I am so sorry to hear about your back! I hope you rest well and heal fast!!! I love a good thunderstorm but they really can do some damage! We are just not used to them here in California so the few times we do get them my sister and I just squeal and want to sit outside to see the lightening.....silly move I know, we can't help it!
    Take care of yourself!!

  13. Dear Jollie, I am so sorry to hear about your back. I'm sending my thoughts and prayers that you will heal quickly and completely. So glad you are going to take it easy for a while so you can get better soon. If you have the energy, come over to my blog and join the giveaway--there's a black cat involved! :-) Get well soon!


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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