vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Crafting Together

Today my mom and I had a great time crafting together.
The ceilings of Dimphy's house are ready now :-)

Last week I cut some windows in the mushroom house...

And my mom is busy with the 4th layer of sticky newspapers...

Now I started to paint the stairs of Dimphy's house...

Hugs Jollie 

donderdag 23 februari 2012

I Won a Tiny Pink Penguin!

Look who was waiting on me today in the mail ...
 I have won her with the Valentine's Contest on Poppenhuis Kladblog.
And her name is 'Wedstrijd' (which means contest in Dutch) 

She is hand-knitted by Nella, isn't that just incredible??
I've put 20 cents next to her, so you can see how tiny she is actually is!!
'Wedstrijd' is sooo beautiful and I am super happy!

I'm sure Dimphy will also be delighted with this little pink treasure!

Nella thanks again so much for this wonderful sweet little penguin!
And also for the organization, together with
Jolande, of that great contest!  

Hugs Jollie 

woensdag 22 februari 2012

Wallpapered and Painted Walls

Dimphy is playing at the moment,
so I thought I quickly make a picture of a few walls 
that I have wallpapered and painted ...

All the interior walls are ready now!
Except for the front doors that will close the house, 
(I will do that when I've put the house together).

Next thing is finishing the ceilings.
After that, the housing can be put together.
Than I can finish some more details (stairs etc.)

Hugs Jollie 

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Is it almost ready?

Dimphy is becoming a bit impatient.
She wants to see her new home soooo badly!
But it is a surprise...
And yes, even for a fairy child every day is too long! ;0)

Behaved as she is she stays away from the house when I craft.
But last night she could not stand it any longer 
and she came secretly watching.
I just wanted to start painting the stairs and the doors...

Dimphy: "Do you make something pink, purple and blue in my house?
Those are my favorite colors... "
Jollie: Yes I know, darling.
You really have to wait a while longer and you'll see.
How many favorite colors do you have??
Dimphy: Ehhh.... Well a lot... I guess... I just don't like orange and red!
Jollie: Ohhh... my gosh.... 
Dimphy: But how long will it take then?
Jollie: Well it will take a couple of days more though.
Dimphy: But I did see the kitchen and the hall right?
Jollie: Yes but also when it was finished.
Dimphy: But that did not take soooo long!
Jollie: That was not so hugh dear, 
wallpapering and painting a whole house is slightly more work.
Dimphy: Yes but ...

I thought: Okay... here we go!!! And now what do you do?? 
Try to change the subject to avoid her waterfall of questions lol! 

Jollie: What do you think of it when I give your hair a new look?
Dimphy: Yeahhhhh! I would love braids!!! Can I have them, Can I?
Jollie: Sure you can 
I also bought a very nice spring dress for you, shall I show you?
(Sometimes I buy her some things and don't let her see it immediately . 
Then she has more times fun of a gift 

So... I gave her a make-over 
and in the meanwhile I told her how far I am with her house.
But... the details are still a secret. 
Dimphy is so happy that her house is almost ready for her
and she's also delighted with her ​​new look!

Dimphy: Can't I just help you with something??
(still trying!!) 
Jollie: Oh no sweetie, you have to go to bed now.
It's already sooo late, you must be very very tired 
Dimphy: Yes ... I am a little sleepy now...
Well ... I will look where Sam is and go to sleep then.

(Then I will paint the stairs 

Hugs Jollie & Dimphy 

zondag 19 februari 2012

Sticky Newspapers

The project that my mother is working on
will be a Mushroom Gnome House on 1/12 scale :-)

She has put the sticky newspapers on to the wire base
but it still needs much more of it...

In the mean while I am painting and wallpapering 
the inside walls of Dimphy's modern dollhouse.
More of that the next time  

Hugs Jollie 

zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Blogger Problems with Comments!!! :-(

I don't know if more of you have the same problem..
If I comment on a blog post and it says that it is published
at first I can see the comment...
But when I reload the page (go back later to have a look,
the comment is disappeared!!! :(
I tried sooo many times to comment agian but without succes!

I am sorry for my blog friends that I can't leave any comments 
at the moment. 
I hope that blogger will fix this major bug soon... 

Hugs Jollie 

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Dry Build the Modern Dollhouse

I am a step further with the Modern (Lake View) House 
for Dimphy, my tiny BJD (ball jointed doll).
Yesterday evening I dry build it with masking tape.
to see what kind of wallpaper and floors I will use
for the bedroom, bathroom and in the attic.

I figured it all out except for the bathroom
and the floor in the attic...  

 I've put some furniture in it for the show,
it does not mean that they remain in it...

I am also thinking of a name for the house too. 

 Hugs Jollie 

zondag 12 februari 2012

Frame is Ready! Easy to Guess now...

Well I think you can guess what it will be now.
Because the project from my mother gets more form ...

This morning I started to give a better form 
to the frame of the house. Now it is properly modeled.

Then I made the frame of the roof.
it will lie loosely so she can take it off...

The roof looks smaller than it actually is (or is that just me?)
The total height is about 45 to 50 cm and the roof is 50 cm in diameter!
But it seems much smaller here... 

My mother has already cut newspapers into strips and pieces.
She has also taped all sharp edges with masking tape.

Tomorrow she has no time to craft,
So I will continue with my modern house 

Hugs Jollie

zaterdag 11 februari 2012

My Mom had a Great Idea!

My Mom had a fabulous idea!
And because she is not (yet) very creative
I will help her to create it.

I am not going to tell you yet what it will be (he he)
But this is what we did this morning.

We will make the base from paper mache.
This is my mom cutting the wire...

And this is what I made so far.
(The height from this form is about 45 cm)
It also has a first floor in it,
but it is difficult to see on the pictures...

Tomorrow we will go on with this project...

Hugs Jollie 

dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Wooden Floor in Living Room

I'm back being creative with miniatures again! :-)
I am still not done with my 1:1 house, 
but I have to wait for better weather
to be able to paint the rest of the things that I planned.
So... now it's the time for my passion!!!

I made a wooden 'whitewash' floor
In the living room for Dimphy her Modern House...

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

I used tongue depressors for the wood
and am very very happy with the result 

All the 'in between' pictures failed 
Only this is one is still reasonable with my cat Zoë on it too lol.
This is how I started it ...

Currently I am painting the house parts with primer.
I do so because the wood does not shine trough the wallpaper later 

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