donderdag 29 maart 2012

I Made a Blue Outfit for Dimphy

Jollie has made a blue tunic with cute little hearts 
and striped tights for me​​.
I am sooo Happy!! 

 (click on the pictures to enlarge)

Yep, it's something different than pink hi hi 

It was a bit of a hassle because I am so tiny, 
but Jollie says she really liked to do this.
So I hope she still wants to make more clothes for me  

Hugs Dimphy and Jollie 

donderdag 22 maart 2012

Gift from Sylvia

Dimphy: Look what Sylvia has given me!
A very cute and colorful mat.
It is wonderful for my play loft...

Jollie: It is very nice Dimphy, how sweet of Syl huh?
It will look great infront of the stairway.
Dimphy: What stairway hi hi 
I can not read it, it lies on his head!
Jollie: You can read it when you will enter the play loft dear.
Dimphy: Oh, yeah that's fun... Cool!

Thank you Syl, we love it!!  

Hugs Dimphy and Jollie

woensdag 21 maart 2012

Scratch Post and Litter Box

For the Craft of the Month March at Poppenhuis Kladblog
was the material this time:

- A tube from a roll of film or a similar tube
In addition, you may choose to use materials 1-5.

Dimphy thought, if Jollie makes two crafts
than there are 10 materials she can use! hi hi
Fairies are still quite smart! lol

So ... Jollie used this material for two crafts:
A tube from a roll of film (she has cut off a piece)
and also a transparent tube
Sand from the beach in Zakynthos
a plastic particle of a demolished lighter
flat circle of wood
wooden dowel
dollhouse carpet
thin rope
and a piece of fabric

She wanted to make something I can use in my house.
Well, quite a lot of cats live with me 
so Jollie came up with these ideas ...

(click on images to enlarge)

Dimphy: Ohhhh look the cats find it super fun!

 The film container you see at the upper shelf
And the lid has become the bottom of this Litter box 

Here are some more pictures ...

Jollie made this hanging basket from the bottom
of the transparent tube (litter box lid) ...

Once I've had an accident with the fairy dust on my cats
Nixie (black/white) and Misty (white long hair).
That's how they became two huge cats as you can see hi hi... 

Nixie: Cute litter box, but we do not fit in!
Dimphy: Ehhh no ... but ehhh ...
You should probably use the litter box from Jollie's cats 

Hugs Dimphy and Jollie

maandag 19 maart 2012

Tiny Feet

A free on-line magazine featuring 
the colored and magical world of dolls and miniatures...


Click HERE to read them at Issuu.

And HERE is the link to their website/blog 

Hugs Jollie 

zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Wishing you all a...

Hugs Jollie and Dimphy 

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Windows for the Mushroom Gnome House

Today my Mom came to me so we could craft together.
She did some work on the roof,
but the pictures are not so well,  so I will show it the next time.
Then she started with the windows for her
Gnome Mushroom House...

Before my Mom came this morning I painted the outside walls 
of Dimphy's Modern Fairy House for the second (and last!) time.
(Still have to do the doors that close the house..)

I continued my day by making a miniature.
Which I will show to you later when I have finished it

It was a great day!  

Hugs Jollie 

donderdag 15 maart 2012

Spring Surprise

Because it is almost spring and that of course we will celebrate,
Jollie adopted for me 2 very sweet bunnies
and a robin from Nicky...

Snowy, a white tame bunny and a brown wild bunny I namend Fluffy,
who is also very tame because she is already on my lap :-)

The mushroom belongs to Robin, the robin.
But he came to sit right on my head hi hi
And what is a fairy without pixie dust and fairy spell bottles?
So Jollie made sure I have them too! 
The bottle with Moon Dew is a gift from Nicky.
Thank you so much Nicky!!  

Hugs Dimphy (and Jollie) 

donderdag 8 maart 2012

Dimphy first time in her new home

Dimphy was playing so sweet today and she's oh so curious!
She surprises me with her elf-patience...
But yes, I do feel a bit sorry for her!
So I decided that the poor child finally had to see her new home!
Well, it is not ready yet to move in, 
but she has been waiting for sooo long...

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Fortunately for me she did not blame me for keeping it a secret.
She was very happy with this huge surprise! 
The ground floor (hall and kitchen) is standing aside (to dry ;-)
But Dimphy has already seen that.

I have found a beautiful floor from vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom.
It is still loose and the color is not very clear on the photo.
It is anthracite (dark metallic gray) 
with a dark turquoise (is that called teal?) flower in it.
I love this combination with the light turquoise stripe on the wall. 

I also put the roof on the house.
Now you can see the play loft ...

Dimphy went completely out of her mind!

There will be a fence for it later, don't worry! 
Fortunately she's a Fairy and has no fear of heights ...

I covered all exterior walls with tissues
and they are still waiting for some paint ...

So far till now...

 Hugs Jollie & Dimphy 

vrijdag 2 maart 2012

Building the Modern Fairy House

Today my mother helped me to assemble the dollhouse for Dimphy.
And we are already quite far!
Currently, it is drying (you'll see the holdfast on some photos)

In the kitchen and the hall I have installed some lights ...
(click on the pictures to enlarge them)

This is the living room ...
If you're not fond of pink, just put on a pair of glasses lol! 

The room next to the living room (with the white/blue striped wallpaper)
is ment to be especially for Dimphy's pets.
It will have different animals, baskets, scratching posts etc. ..

The bedroom will have carpet.
And also the bathroom floor next to it must still be placed ...

The play loft is a bit hard to see now, 
because of the roof is not on it´s place yet
Probably we will do that Sunday.

The exterior is also not yet finished.
Currently I'm working on the big doors, and windows
that will close the house at the front side.

The intention is to make this house into a modern fairy house.
I want to combine natural materials with modern things.
And am very very curious how that will look!!!  

Hugs Jollie 

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