donderdag 15 maart 2012

Spring Surprise

Because it is almost spring and that of course we will celebrate,
Jollie adopted for me 2 very sweet bunnies
and a robin from Nicky...

Snowy, a white tame bunny and a brown wild bunny I namend Fluffy,
who is also very tame because she is already on my lap :-)

The mushroom belongs to Robin, the robin.
But he came to sit right on my head hi hi
And what is a fairy without pixie dust and fairy spell bottles?
So Jollie made sure I have them too! 
The bottle with Moon Dew is a gift from Nicky.
Thank you so much Nicky!!  

Hugs Dimphy (and Jollie) 

17 opmerkingen:

  1. The bunnies are wonderful and very sweet.
    Bye Faby

  2. Snowy and Fluffy are adoreable!! And I love the little robin too.
    The gifts of pixie dust and fairy spell bottles must have been a lovely suprise!!
    Vicky xxx

  3. Lucky you, Dimphy! Great gifts! Congrats!

  4. The bunnies are wonderful I love the little bird. The mushroom and bottles are lovely.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Thank you Vicky :-)
    Actualy I purchased the pixie dust and fairy spell bottles... I guess I did not write it very clear lol, so I changed this post a little ;-)
    But the moon dew was a gift and I did not expect that at all, so yes that was a lovely surprise :-)

  6. I love your new bunnies! Congrats on all of your beautiful gifts! :-) Jennifer

  7. Sweet creatures, all three. You must be very happy with your new friends. Hugs to you and Jollie.

  8. I already admired the bunnies on Nicky's site - what a fantastic purchase you've made. Gorgeous miniatures!


  9. Lovely new friends for you Dimphy, all very sweet! Hugs to you and Jollie

  10. Those bunnies are so cute. And the robin too. All those minis are so fairytale forest like.

  11. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  12. La robe de Dimphy est aussi très printanière !
    Les petits lapins, l'oiseau, le petit champignon sont adorables ainsi que les flacons magiques.

  13. Son absolutamente adorables esos pequeños conejitos.
    Enhorabuena por tus fantasticos regalos.
    besitos ascension

  14. I am new to your blog, but have been scrolling and reading... and scrolling and reading... and... (You get the idea). I just LOVE your little doll! She has to be the cutest, darling things EVER!! It great that she is positionable and fits in the house so perfectly! I WANT ONE!!! You'll have to email me (find the address at my blog or through my profile) and tell me where you found such a cutie pie!!

    The little bunnies are here in perfect time for spring! They are so tiny and yet very life-like! Perfect for miniatures!


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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