zondag 6 mei 2012

Front Doors Modern Fairyhouse Ready!

While my friends were here from the Netherlands,
I still found some time for Dimphy's Modern Fairyhouse...

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Here I am gluing together the last parts of the largest door...

The other three doors I had already done so far...

I have the bottom plate coated with a grassmat.

Well finally Dimphy's Modern Fairyhouse can be closed! 
Now she can move in 
without worrying if any of my cats will make
a mess out of her new place! 


 (The structure on the walls is hardly visable on these pictures).

Of course it needs decoration and plants on the outside, 
Oh yes, and the roof is not finished yet, but...
I think that I will go on with the inside now lol   

Hugs Jollie 

vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Friends here on Holiday - Lots of Pictures!

Yeah I know I've been away for a while,
but with a good reason lol!
My friend Erna and her daugther Alyssa
came to me for two weeks to spend their holiday...

We had such a wonderful time together!
We visited beautiful places, 
went out a lot for coffee and drinks...
The weather was absolutely gorgeous,
So they also spend a lot of time at the beach :)

Here are some of the many pictures we took,
to give you a small impresion... 

(click on the pictures to enlarge them) 
From left to right: Alyssa, Erna and Jollie (me lol)
on our way to the island Hydra.

We went from Metochi, a little place near Ermioni

with this boat called 'Freedom' to the island Hydra

 Erna and Me on the boat

Pictures from the Island Hydra...

First we had a Coffee at 'The Pirate Bar'

and we walked around a bit on the island 

Bought some souvenirs ;--)


I brought home this gorgeous Aphrodite (Venus) statue... 

And we had a delicious lunch! 

 We watched the clear water at the harbour 
with these beautiful fishes

And had another coffee before we went home again...

Lots of days my friends went to the beach nearby
for snokeling and to swim, 
I did not go into the water, it was too cold for me brrr!!! ;-) 

And of course they had to taste the best gyros in our area!

We also went to Doroufi, a small village nearby

were our crown prince from the Netherlands
Willem Alexander and his wife princess Maxima
 recently bought a house...

We spend some time at the beach near their new house...

My parents also took Erna and Alyssa out for a trip
and to Nafplio, the formal capital city of Greece.

Here is Alyssa at the ancient theater in Epidavros...

 My Mom and Erna at the ancient teater in Epidavros...

And they were amazed by the atmosphere 
in Nafplio

 These pictures are taken in the old town center of Nafplio

My Mom, Erna and Alyssa shopping for souvenirs ;-)

My Mom and Dad with Alyssa...

 At the end of the day the visited the Palamidi
a fortress that lies on a mountain at the city of Nafplio

A view on the island Bourtzi

 Yesterday they left at my place
and took the the flying dolphin to Athens
I hope that they will take that change to visit the Acropolis...

 And I will see them here again next year!!! :-)

 Hugs Jollie
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