zondag 1 juli 2012


Last Thursday, I found a nice surprise in my postbox!
Anja has knitted this wonderful dress specialy for Dimphy ...
The colors are soooo beautiful, it looks so sweet on her.
Anja, especially from Dimphy, thank you so much! :-)

And last Friday on my birthday
My mother brought us a new roommate...
She's a Barbie Barbie Fashionistas - Clutch Wave 2
Yet it is not a fashion doll ...
even though she has worked as a model for a while.
Nayla (that's her name) told us that she has gypsy blood
and that she was sad that she could not be herself.
Romy is going to help her.
And since Romy herself is a gypsy too,
it will turn out just fine I guess :-)
Since then Taliya a lot happier!
Romy is totally happy with her new roommate 
and Dimphy loves them both ... 
with all the attention she gets! lol ;-)

Hugs Jollie, Dimphy, Romy and Nayla

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