dinsdag 25 december 2012

Happy Holidays!

Sorry that I have been away for so long,
but I had some things going on here in my private life.
One of my cats (Merlin) was very very sick
and is still recovering... 
He still does not eat by himself (since one week now)
So you can imagine that it takes a full time job
to take care of him at the moment...
I just hope that he will be okay soon!

But there are wonderful things too of course!
My newest girl ( PukiFee Mio from Fairyland)
came home at the 10th of December!
I was expecting her about half January, but she is here already!! 
Her name is Mikki ^-^
She still has to go to a Spa for her make-up,
but that will happen soon. 
(more photos at my Flickr album

My other two girls are still at the Spa in Spain,
so I could only take Mikki to celebrate Christmas 
at my parents house this morning.

My mom has build a small Christmas village...
Mikki just loved it!

(click on the pictures to enlarge) 

And she was so happy to finaly meet Santa Claus!

She also got some presents from him of course,
but I will show those pictures the next time ;-)

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas!!

Hugs Jollie and Mikki 

13 opmerkingen:

  1. So your dolls travel to Spain for a Spa...? I hope Flutterby and the other bearies won't read about that! (LOL) I'm glad for you she arrived so early to spend Christmas with you.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. New make-ups? WOW! Can't wait for them to come back!
    Have a happy Christmas Jollie!

  3. Merry Xmas, Jollie :). Mikki looks adorable with Santa :)

  4. Merry Christmas, Jollie and Mikki! xo Jennifer

  5. Hello from Spain: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I really like your Christmas photos. Your doll is very cute. Keep in touch

  6. Mikki is very cute, your ball-joint-doll family is growing fast :) All the best to Merlin and merry Christmas to you!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about Merlin. Poor little thing! :( I hope he recovers soon and that he can get back to fun cat things.
    Mikki is very sweet. I love her cute face.
    I hope you had a merry Christmas and that you have a fun New Year. May 2013 be the best year yet.

  8. Happy holidays to you and your family!
    Bye Faby

  9. I hope Merlin is better real soon. Your new doll Mikki is gorgeous. She has a very cute sweet face. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may 2013 bring you all you wish for.
    Hugs Maria

  10. I can see that you had a beautiful Christmas and Mikki too.

  11. Dear Jollie,
    I'm sorry I'm late in wishing you a merry Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful day!! Mikki is so gorgeous, a wonderful addition to your dolly family :) and I adore your wonderful photos!!
    Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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