donderdag 30 juni 2011

Birthday Presents

I can say that I am really spoiled on my birthday!!

Sylvia's gift arrived on monday and I did not unpack it 
untill yesterday morning on my birthday...
She gave me this beautiful porcelain Flower Fairy:

the reason that I started collecting all sorts of fairies 
I still find her flower fairies very special!
And 'The Rose Fairy' has always been one of my favorite faries.
I've given her the name Rosa.

Look what a sweet little face ...

Syl also had put a colorful happy birthday card
and a few nice pieces of fabric, along with some lace in there!
And you will not believe what came swimming all the way down here!

A pink squid/octopus of Nella's Breivolkje!
Nella had written a very lovely card with her too ...

Isn't she super cute? And all my color! lol
I've given her the name Pinktvis 
(that is Dutch and a kind of a joke) 

Here she is in my hand, so you can see better how small she is ...

Dear Syl and Nella,
Thank you both SO much for these wonderful presents
I am very very happy with them! 

From my dear friend Margriet there is also a gift on the way...
but because of the strikes here the last week
unfortunately it didn't arrive yet...
Well ... Still have something to look forward to! 

Hugs Jollie

p.s. Tomorrow I will do the draw of my Birthday Give Away...

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Swap with Norma

A while ago I did a swap with Norma from Make Mine Mini.

My Sylvanian families were totally over the moon
with these gifts they received yesterday!

Kitten Lauren says to Beatrix (Bea) Spotter:
"Ohhh look Mrs. Bea, what a fancy kitchen,
There's even a real drain at the bottom of the cabinet! "
Bea: "Yes you are right girl... how amazing ... 
Well I guess that must have been a very expensive kitchen
It was bought at Harrods says the sticker.on the box...'

Bea: "But ... ehh There is another gift ... "
Lauren: "Ohhhh what could be underneath that beautiful paper?"

Lauren: "Ohhhh ... MAM! Come see what a beautiful blanket! "
Isabel: "This is what they call a quilt my dear... with a fairy on it "

Bea: "I don't think this quilt is gonna be for you Lauren, but for Aivie.
Lauren: "Well, we'll see about that..."

Fairy quilt image is used by Norma with the kind permission of 
Oz Material Girls at 
- designer Rosene Cox. 

Thanks So much Norma, for this fun and beautiful swap!

Hugs Jollie

maandag 27 juni 2011

Gifts from Sans and Anya

Unexpected gifts are always so much fun!

Sans from The dollhouse Diaries send me these cute terracotta pots 
and a beautiful bright and colorful fabric / trim  :)

Thanks SO much Sans! I just adore these cute little pots
and the fabric / trim is definitely very useful in my 
next upcomming project...  (I will tell you all about it soon)

Anya has send me these delicious pies
and look .... a mouse that tries to steal a bite of it!

Thank you very much Anya! 
We all LOVE pie and sweets, my dollhouse figurines and me too!

Well my birthday is comming up... 
There are only 2 days left to join my give away!
Hugs Jollie

maandag 20 juni 2011

Update Exterior Walls Black Cat Boutique

Yesterday I started with the exterior walls of the 'Shabby Black Cat Boutique'
I let it all dry over night and today I painted them.
Now they are ready!

There just has to grow some moss between the large stones
well... when I look at those stones being all green,
I believe I don't have to worry about that LOL.

Eventually I found the interior walls were just not shabby enough
so I took care of them too... 

I have attached corner lists on the open side
The intention is that there will be glass that comes out
so you can have a good look inside the shop.

Look ... these were the interior walls before...

Next I will go on with the roof! 

Hugs Jollie

zondag 19 juni 2011

Give Away for my Birthday!

Next week, 
Wednesday, June 29th is my Birthday! :)
and to celebrate that day 
I made this Give Away for you...

I designed the pleated handbag myself and the little bottles too. 
(click on the photo to enlarge)

Would you like to win this set?
Just enter a comment below this post.
You don't have to be a follower, or put a link on your blog
allthough I do appreciate it ;)

You may participate until June 29th.

Good luck! 

Hugs Jollie

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Swap with Klara

A while ago, Klara and I agreed to do a swap.
Actually we had agreed to make three things for each other,
So I thought it would be better to stick with that ...
But I think Klara got lost count a bit in her enthusiasm LOL!
Look at what I found in the package....

(click on the photos to enlarge)

She even gave me some fabrics and beautiful feathers! 
Here's another photo of all the wonderful miniatures...

I'm sooo happy with all of it!
Klara thanks again SO much for all these beautiful things! 

These are the things that I had made for Klara ...

The footstool and the barrel bag are tutorials by Casey's Minis

Hugs Jollie

zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Update Fairy Garden with Gazebo

Last week I made ​​two fairy gardens.
They are not finished yet but here are some photos.

I had already started with this one (see my earlier post here)
Well... I have put a small house on the top floor
and planted the trees and plants in the fairy garden...
(click on the photos to enlarge)

Here is a closer look from the fairy garden with the gazebo
(which is not finished yet!)

And because Aivie is my best friend (and as most of you know, also a fairy)
I wanted to make her a nice garden too
so she can sit outside and enjoy the sun. 

These are some of the succulents that I used ...

And here you see what I've done with the remaining plants,
I do not have pictures of everything, but I could not resist
to make one from my hybiscus flower lol!

Hugs Jollie

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

My Sylvanian Families Arrived!

The Sylvanian families that I have adopted arrived unscathed 
after their long journey from England also!

They are so very cute in real life, much more than on the photos.
I find them irresistible!

The 'Fisher Cat Family' I have adopted a few days after the Meerkat Family
(Yeah I know I am a weak person!) together with this Dasher baby!

My mother was immediately hooked too when she saw a photo of them
and has chosen to adopt this red panda family ...
(this is the Japanese version of it)

And for her help in cleaning and clearing out my catrun
I surprised her with this cooking set...

The angle frames that I ordered for the black cat boutique
have arrived safe and sound too
together with some material (green for landscaping and a 'helping hands' tool)
and a few minis for the black cat boutique that I ordered
like a doormat and a cash register and so...

The next days I have some more time to do some work 
on the Black Cat Boutique! So more about that soon....

Hugs Jollie
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