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Dollhouse Miniature Scale? How Do You Know?

How do you know if something has the right scale for your dollhouse/project? 🤔
In one of my earlier blogposts Drora (from Droras Mini Mundo) Asked me what scale the furniture for the Fairy Treehouse is,
because it looked smaller than 1:12
On a picture it is always difficult to see, if there is nothing
on that same picture (like a coin) to compare with.

Besides that,
Sometimes it is difficult to estimate what scale a piece has
(can be anything that you want to use for your project)
Well... I found a great help for that!

And I will explain it to you in my latest video on YouTube
Starring Ara Bentley from Bentley House Minis

I hope that this is helpful for you.
Thanks for watching! Stay safe 🍀
Hugs Jollie 🌺

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