woensdag 28 september 2011

Moortje had her 1th Birthday

Because of the internet problems
and the terrible pain in my back that is killing me at the moment,
I didn't write this post before... but here it is!

Last week tuesday (21th September) 
We celebrated Moortje's 1th birthday :-)
I found her exactly a year ago at that day when I was shopping
at a German supermarket concern here outside of a nearby village.
She was sitting behind the shopping carts next to a aluminium plate... 
crying for food...
Well... weak as I was... here she is the day that I found her ;-)

She is my 6th black cat and the last of the 10 cats that own me LOL.
To me Moortje closes a spiritual circle.... Why?
I believe I told it in some older post before... but if you might forgot... 
our first black cat was also listening to the name Moortje.

She best friends with Elwin, Merlin and Zorba.
Loedertje can't stand her and still behaves very unfriendly towards her...

Here she is in the box with Zorba on top of it!

I love her beautiful and friendly green eyes! :-)

I think she was about 6 months old when I found her.
I don't know how she ended up at the parkingplace from the supermarket...
Or what has happened to her before she came and live with us.
But she can't jump... every hight above 40 cm is to high for her.
So I have put a big bucket infront of the table were the cats eat,
because by herself she can't jump that high...

This photo is one of the most recently that I took 

She has a very grateful and sweet carachter.
So for my sweety here is a Belated Happy Birthday!

I also want to thank you all
for your lovely mails and comments on my previous post
where I told you about my lower back problems (spinal disc herniation)
It really means a lot to me and I apreciate it very very much
to have such wonderful viritual friends!
Thanks so much!!!! 
It is still not going any better... the pain is horrible...
But I know it will get better.... soon? :-(
Hugs Jollie

zondag 25 september 2011

Bad Weather Damage

Last tuesday it rained for the first time since 3 months...
That is always a very happy moment after such a long time.
But this time it wasn't all joy...

It started to rain in the evening
and in no time the weather turned really bad into 
a very heavy thunderstorm with loud thunders 
and threatening lightning flashes!
I love to watch this kind of weather, so I was sitting in the catrun
under the roof, dry and safe...  
Than there was one loud BANG!!!... 
that left us out of electricity (till the next morning) 

But on top of it Zeus (the Greek God of thunder) was 
throwing hailstones as big as table tennis balls!! 
The cats were screeming that I had to go into the house,
the dogs were also very afraid...
Well... our God Zeus damaged the trees really really horrible :-(

The hugh fig tree behind my house suffered the most...
Click on the pictures to enlarge
 Do you see the two tortoises on the photo above?

This one is taken from the other side of the garden... 

And the lemon tree lost a lot of her leaves...
(on the leftside from the doghouse) 

And the olive trees lost almost all of the olives... :-( 
(the old dogbed is used as a shelter by the tortoises) 

 The next day I found out that my internet router was broken too. 
Later I heard that the lightning had struck something
in our neighbourhood with that big bang... 
Till yesterday I had no internet, but as you can see
I have installed a new modem and it works fine again. 

I still do have another problem though...
Wednesday when I was cleaning up all the mess
I have hurt my low back real bad...
And and the moment I have to deal with a

It is the third time for me that I have this back problem,
so I am aware of the risks if I don't take it easy for a while...
I have medication for the pain (which goes till the knee in my left leg),
but I still can't sit, walk or stand longer than a few minutes.
So I have to change place all the time, but that's okay. 
It's just that because of the pain 
I don't feel like doing anything at the moment!! 
It should be better in about 6 weeks... :-( 

I still have some more logs to write
because one of my cats had her birthday and 
I received a very lovely gift from Geneviève...
 So I will be back soon! 

Hugs Jollie 

zondag 18 september 2011

Kitchen Wall Tattoo and Tree in Entrance

I still want to do the ceiling one more time
and the lights have to be hung ...
But Schroeder (father cat), who organizes this project,
went on a short vacation with his family ...
So we have a "build stop" at the moment here.

Meanwhile, the walls of the Hall (entrance) and the Kitchen
are ready now... (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

In the corner were the stairs will come,
I have made a few "Wall Tattoos"...
And on the 'broken branch' you find a bit 
of Dimphy's Elfdust... well ...

The Elfdust idea is actually born out of an emergency arise because
The ink of the tattoo wall went through when I was trying to fixate it ...
You see it all for you?? LOL
So ... I tried to make the best of it.
And the Elvesdust of Dimphy has marvelous vanished away 
the remaining spots... 

The quote on the wall says:
"Once in a While, 
right in the middle of an Ordinary Life
Love gives us a Fairytale "

In the hall (entrance) I have planted a tree... against the wall ...
Do not ask me why, but it's an almond tree ...
The almond tree is a symbol of eternal love. (Dutch info)

This is the entire floor under,
as I said, It's... All About LOVE 

Currently I am busy making dolls clothes again...
Also sooo fun to do! 
And it makes Dimphy very happy, she's luv's clothes lol!

Hugs Jollie 

zaterdag 17 september 2011

Summer Swap 2011

From the Dutch blogs we had a Summer Swap
and I received mine from Emma...

 Secretly I was wishing for Dutch clokes... 
(I did not know from who I would receive the swap 
until I found it in my mailbox) 
And see!

Pink happens to be one of my favorite colors... so I just love them! 
I will find a place for them in Dimphy's modern house...

The paintings are so lovely too!!
Very delicate so I will keep them for Aivie's cottage.
 Thank you SO much Emma for this lovely Swap! 

 Everyting is fine here...
I am enjoying my 1:1 life at the moment very much...
It is still pretty warm here, but nice! 
Sometimes it is good for me to be silent inside my creative mind...
or is it quietness before the storm... lol! 

I'll be back for sure soon with another up-date...
Because I have finished the 'first floor'
(entrance and kitchen) of my modern dollhouse :-) 

Enjoy the weekend!
Hugs Jollie 

zondag 11 september 2011

First Crochet Dress and some Things I Bought

I had recently bought some things for the Modern Dollhouse
And for Dimphy the cute sheep head hat.
The dress is my first attempt to crochet, after I decided
to make some clothes for Dimphy...

(click on the photos to enlarge)

The Sheep hat is a "Lalatroop Hat"
I bought it secondhand, together with some clothes  

The light you see on the left is ment to be for the living room
and the other ceiling light will find its place in the hall next to the kitchen.
The storage units are probably going to stand in the living room ...

Dimphy wants to show her dress a little more clearly to you 

Eventually I found the skirt way too "transparent"
and I crochet a small pants into the dress...
Not bad for a first attempt to crochet something that small huh?
Most important of all...
Dimphy and is very happy with it! 

Hugs Jollie

Djinty's 8th Birthday

Djinty had his birthday last wednesday (the 7th of September) 
but I couldn't write a log because I was out of internet till this morning.

I found him as a kitten with a bad infection at his eye...
It was thick and he could not open it.
He was about 4 weeks old and still with his mother and his little brother.
I went to see them two times a day, to give Djinty antibiotics and to feed them.

After a few days the eye opened and I discovered that he had lost his eye...
I still don't know what exactly happened to him,
but I did know that he would not survive by himself.
I took care of him, his brother and his mother for about 3 weeks,
until he was old enough to leave his mother.
Then I took Djinty home and I also had found another home for his brother.

Djinty became a hugh and beautiful half longhair cat,
he looks a bit like a Main Coon or Norweigian Forrest cat.
I still have to clean his eye at least a few times a day,
but we are both used to that by now.
He is a very friendly and quiet cat. But if he gets irritated he can be really agresive too!!
His best (girl)friend is Zoë (the mother of Zorba).

He learned to live with his one eye,
all though he can not see in 3 dimension, he is doing fine.
Only if I move the furniture he has a problem with jumping!
He can't see how far it is to the place he wants to jump to
and most of the times he lands down on the floor... :(

Allthough Djinty's birthday is a few days ago,
This is especialy for my "Big Plush Cat"...

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!
Hugs Jollie 

zaterdag 3 september 2011

Wallpapering the Kitchen

Yesterday I started wallpapering the kitchen
two walls are already finished ...

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Photographing inside my house still does
not quite reflect how it really is...
I find it much nicer in real life!  

Today I will go further with wallpapering,
but first another coffee...

Hugs Jollie

donderdag 1 september 2011

Aivie is back with her little niece

Yesterday Aivie came home 
with her little niece who stays to live with us now. 

She's still a little shy 
but did want to wave to you all ... 

She told me that her name is Dimphy
The cute little mouse that came with her is Gnoefy 
she has been Dimphys best friend for a long time
and could not just stay behind. 

Everyone here was extremely happy of course, that Aivie 
with Dimphy and Gnoefy are home safely now!

All were there to welcome them...
(you can click on allt he pictures to enlarge) 

Dimphy does need some time to settle in here
and allthough I don't know her very well yet,
she is a very sweet little fairy! 
Here cute and innocent face puts a smile on mine all the time!  

Currently, she is still recovering from their long journey 
and all the bad things she has experienced ... 
But I will make sure that she will be pampered these next weeks
with the things that were already waiting here for her. 
 Here's a little info about this doll, 
if you click on the links you can read more about it.

Dimphy is originally a Fiaryland Pukipuki Ante
She is 1:12 scale of a child from about 6 years old 
and her height is 11.2 cm / 4.4 inches. 
At Fairyland they make Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD's abbreviated) 

BJD's are (down to the smallest detail) handmade 
and most of them are limited in their edition 
that's why they are also very valuable... 
All over the world there are many fans who collect BJD's.  

Because Dimphy is very photogenic, 
 I opened a photo album for her 
and even 'met' some other BJD enthusiasts there too. 

It is a tradition for the BJD collectors to take pictures
of the box opening when they 'come home' 
I did that too...
So beside the ones from my pets and my handmade miniatures,
you will find these photos in my new photo album. 
(I will put some kind of a gadget on my blog later...)

Well ... In the two months that I've been waiting for Dimphy
I have been digging a bit deeper into these dolls 
to find out more about them... 
And I believe you can already guess what happened??
Yeah... despite all the warnings,
 I am also infected with the BJD virus now lol. 

But there are worse things in life... 
So far till now... more to see of her soon!

Oh wait... Dimphy wants to blow a little kiss to you all... 

I think I first have to learn how to do hairdressing 
to get her hairbush styled  LOL!

Hugs Jollie 
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