zondag 23 oktober 2011

We are going on a Holiday!

Tomorrow I am going on a Holiday to Holland 
for about two weeks!! :-) 
I have been planing this trip months ago
because I desperately want to visit the Dollhouse Fair in Arnhem
again at 28 - 29 and 30 October.
I was there about 11 years ago for the last time
and I am soooo much looking forward to it... 

Of course Dimphy will come with me too.
She doesn't want to leave her favorite friends behind...
so they will join us... ;-)

Dimphy has her own suitecase which is also her bed
as you can see it is very cosy...

Dimphy: "Jollie I haz put my scarf on, 
but is it not coldy and rainsy in Holland?" 
Jollie: "Yes dear it probably will be colder there,
so I packed you some warm things too."
Dimphy: "And Sam? Doez he needz warm stuffz too?"
Jollie: "No dear, Sam has lots of furr to keep him warm."

Dimphy: "Am I going to meetz all those new friendsies
you made in the miniworlz...?" 
Jollie: "Yes you will meet a few of them... aint that great?!" 
Dimphy: "Ehhh... Yes... I think so...
Sam wantz to see E-Bear again... can I hugz him too?"
Jollie: "If E-Bear wants to, yes sure you can.
You can also see Sylvia's beautiful work too! 
And lots of other things... Exciting huh?" 

Dimphy: "I don't know if I can sleepz tonight... I am a nevus..."
Jollie: "You are nervous you mean?
Just hold on to Sam, he comes from Holland and will comfort you okay?
Don't worry dear it will be lots of fun!
Now lets hurry up and go fo it..."

Bye bye... see you all soon! :-) 

Hugs Jollie and Dimphy 

zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

Swap for Irish Pub and a Turquoise Beach Set

Recently I asked Maria of "Pretty Things Ireland"
if she was interested in a swap ​​for small Irish pub in exchange 
for a Greek mini house and I was very happy when she said yes!
These are the two houses that we exchanged...

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Maria also gave me a few of her beautiful handmade miniatures. 
Two cushions, (I believe you can never have too much of them!)
A blue bottle, a lovely tray from fabric with roses on it
and a basket of white cotton with a soft blue decorative flower.

I gave Maria a tray in pastel green with a rose on it
and a small white dish that I made a while ago, but I have no picture of it.
I am so happy with this wonderful swap!! 
Thank you Maria for your wonderful gifts 
And look what Freubs of "Freubs Miniatures" made for me
A beautiful turquoise crochet beach set with a white towel...

Sooooo delicate crochet work ... really amazing!
And as I said to her, it's almost the same color as the wall in my 1:1 house
Look ... LOL! 

Many thanks Freubs, I am very happy with this gorgeous beach set! 

Well at the moment I am working on some miniatures,
No... not on my dollhouse...
Why??... You will find out soon enough ;-) 
I won't tell more about it for now!
 But I am pretty busy having so much fun making them... 
See you soon!

Hugs Jollie 

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Fairy Garden and Gazebo - Summer Craft 2011

This is my result for the Summer Craft of 2011
that was organized on PoppenhuisKladBlogger 

The task was as follows:
"Make a house, garden, or kitchen corner where you can dream away
and try to describe what you are dreaming of,
or if it really does not work give a description, of what your dreams are!
I prefer to see a copy of yourself in that scene in miniature".

In the spring I started to make two Fairy Gardens
and I believe that's a nice place to daydream.
Close to Mother Nature...

The lower floor is the garden itself
with a small gazebo where Loedie enjoys the sun...

(click on the photos to enlarge) 

I pimped the gazebo a while ago,
here is a picture of it ...

Dimphy (she sits on top next to the house which was a
abandoned bird's nest before) symbolizes the child in me ...

Here it is a little closer ...
(I crocheted Dimphy's sweater myself) 

And this is what I am dreaming of...
That the monetairy system that we live in will end soon!
That we can work together to be able to live in  
a world that is in harmomy with everything that lives on it.
Without violence, war, jealousy, rich or poor...
Were we love and respect each other again. 

Hugs Jollie 

maandag 3 oktober 2011

That's what happens...

When you have an open dollhouse and cats!
 (click to enlarge)

So what did I do??
"Moortje KSSSTTT!!!" (you know me? no way!) 
The only thing that came into my mind was:
I am glad that I did not put any furniture in the dollhouse yet...
it is about time to make the front door  

She look so sweet with her paw around her nose lol!  
don't you think so? 
 Well... at least for now while the house is still empty!

Hugs Jollie 

zondag 2 oktober 2011

Gifts from Drora and Geneviève

Because of the problems with my back, I did not find the right time 
to share these wonderful gifts I have received lately 
from my dear blogger friends.
But it is getting a little bit better now (one day better than the other) 
so here they are... 

Geneviève immedeiately thought of me (I collect fairies since 1997)
when she found, this wonderful handmade fairy 
at a craft market during her holiday in East Borne (England).

Isn't she just beautiful?? I love these colors!
In my 1:1 house I have a lot of these turquoise colors,
so she fits in perfectly ;-) 
(click to enlarge the pictures)

The fairy is made from an wooden peg and recycled materials :-)
(as far as I understand from the website)

Geneviève also send this summer 'Beach' card with her...

And all the way from Israel, 
Drora has send me this beautiful box (left on photo)
filled with lots of wonderful minis and a Happy New Year card! 
On 28 September it is New Year, according to the Hebrew calendar.

A Summer Set: flip flops, beach / handbag and a hat with sunflowers,
a tea pot, a water tank that has a light in it! 
a mini book with psalms in Hebrew,
This is considered to keep save from danger and illness,
as Drora explains.
It came in the tiny plastic bag (which I will use to make a cute handbag) 
I also got a Hamsa hand with a blue eye, to protect against the "Evil Eye"
and a painting with shells from the Sea of Galilee! :-)

Dear Genevieve and Drora, thanks again SO MUCH for all these
precious gifts, I am very very happy with all of them!  

Hugs Jollie 

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