zondag 20 november 2011

Holiday to Holland - Part 2 - Dollhouse Fair

The main reason that I was on vacation
in the Netherlands was the

I really loved it!
And it was sooo much fun to finally meet some of 
our "Miniworld Bloggers' in real life ...

(click to enlarge the photos) 

1 = Klara, 2 = Friend of Sjoukje, 3 = Marieke, 4 = Clari
5 = Sjoukje and 6 = Margriet
Philip was there with his mother and had a great time too.
Also I have met Kootje and Hanny on Sunday.
And many other really nice people!

Of course, I bought myself quite silly hi hi 
and I'm sure that one third of the fair I have not even seen!
Here are some of the things that I have purchased
the rest I still have to take pictures from...

Cream colored pottery (I also bought some pink and white)
The beautiful dresser is a gift from Sylvia.

Turquoise pottery ...

A very lovely dresser and blue / white pottery ...

At Art of Mini I bought this ...
A Fairy sitting on the edge that blows a kiss from her hand,
a glass bowl with white candles and floating rose petals,
2 glass candlesticks with white candles and
a very tiny glass with a candle in pink.
The two sets with Christmas 'prints to cut-out' 
was a gift from them. 

Here is the beautiful candles set a little closer ...

Dimphy and Sam are completely happy with the sweet bench
they got from me for Dimphy's modern house... 

To be continued...

As you might have noticed I am not on blogs lately
that's because I am busy to reorginize my own little 1:1 house
and I really do need some time for that 

Hugs Jollie Dimphy and Sam

maandag 14 november 2011

Our Holiday to Holland - Part 1

Well... I am back home over one week,
but still not completely recovered from all impressions
and experiences during my trip through the Netherlands ;-)
I also forgot too many things to photograph ...
But in my head it is all stored hi hi

My dear parents brought Dimphy and me to
Athens airport on Monday, October 24.
It is more than a 3 hours drive and at about 08.00 o'clock,
when we were halfwaywe paused for a coffee
that my mother had brought with them.

 The flight to Germany and so it went fine.
The first days I stayed with my friends in Germany.

My girlfriend Eef, lives with her ​​boyfriend
and their three cats and three chickens, in a very nice
and quiet place outside of a wonderful town.
We have had such much fun together...
I had not seen her for three and half years,
 so we had a lot to chat...
 while Dimphy enjoyed the beautiful view
in a hanging candle chandelier ...

 And she became good friends with Toet,
one of the huge cats of Eef.
Toet is a very quirky cat that really is not just
 gonna be friends with everyone!
But Dimphy was very sweet and careful with him...

 When it was time to move on to the Netherlands
 Dimphy and Sam insisted to take a picture with this cute Mole hi hi

 To be continued ...

Hugs Jollie, Dimphy and Sam
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