zondag 9 september 2012

Dimphy had her Birthday

On August 31 it was a year ago that Dimphy
came to live with us.
And on that day we celebrate her birthday!

But... Dimphy was on vacation for a few days 
with her ​​Barbie friends on that day
which was great, because 
therefore I had some time to set up her living room a bit,
so we could give a big party!

The morning of the party I gave her a new haircut,
and she is very happy with her new hair style!

Together with her ​​friends, we had a
very nice day with lots of cake and more goodies...

(click on the pictures to enlarge) 

Obviously she is again quite spoiled by her friends (and myself) with lots of presents!
And they all have played with the toys in her future bedroom...
Well ... her house is still not decorated... YET! ;)

After everyone went home she still wanted, even though she was so tired,
to try her new scooter that I gave her...

In the beginning she was a little scary ...

But eventually she went like a rocket!
And look how proud she is now ...

Hugs Jollie and Dimphy
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