maandag 20 december 2010

Hi all!

Hi all,

I am Jollie and I would like to share my passion for Dollhouses and Miniatures with you.
(It turned out to be a long post to tell you about it... lol!)

It started at 1997 when I saw a beautiful Dollhouse,
that's when I got the fever!
I was still living in the Netherlands at that time (I am Dutch from origin) and a very good friend of me made Dollhouses
and miniature furniture for a hobby.
He had a catalog with The Greenleaf Dollhouses in it,
and my first love was Beacon Hill!
I asked him to make a 'look a like' from that house for me
and I helped him as far as I could.

That was the beginning of my Dollhouse fever! .
Here is an old photo from my first Dollhouse, it was just gorgeous :)

Well, it took a while before he finished this beautiful house. In the meanwhile I started to collect some miniatures and of course we went to the Dollhouse Show in Arnhem.
Were I saw even more prettier houses and so on.
By the time the 'Beacon Hill' was almost finished we had decided to sell this house and build another (bigger) one.
Also in a Victorian style, allthough I didn't like that typical style for the interior. So I collected more modern things (which were hard to find without having internet at that time).

I still own that second (Giant!) Dollhouse (I don't have any photos of it now), but I never got the chance to decorate it...
By the time it was finished (2001) I moved to Greece and I still live here.
 I live in such a small house now, is almost miniature by itself... lol!
 So my Dollhouse stayed at my friends house in the Netherlands. I hope that I can bring it here some day when I have the chance to move to a bigger house :)

For all those years I kept my small miniature collection of furniture and accesories on the attic at my parents house (they live next door here)... awaiting for my Dollhouse.
Years past... I had so many other hobby's... you know how live goes.

But lately for some reason I stumbled over some Dollhouse websites and went from one to the other,
Can you imagine what happend? Yes! I've got back that fever again!!
I thought about it for a (short)while, went to the attic for the miniatures that I kept all those years to see what I had (forgot most of the things!) Thought about making a roombox first... or a showcase...
But... For so many years I dreamed about a real Dollhouse...
 And I finaly decided to save some money now for a new Dollhouse that still fits in my own tiny house. ;)

Good reason to surf the net!!
So much fun searching for the perfect house :)
(Well...I found it, but more about that later).

Now I am looking every day for tutorials, printables and ideas for my new future Dollhouse. I visited many many websites the past week.
Lots of Miniature Shops!
But even more Artisans Minature, wiho make such amazing handmade minis. My gosh what a bunch of creative people out there,
so nice to meet you all!

I am a very creative person too, tried so many hobby's but I never made a real scale miniature...
Well I am going to give it a try to make some things by myself.
That's why I started this blog, to share
'A Little More Miniature' with the world ;)

Warmest Greetings!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Jollie, welkom in de blogwereld! Het is echt erg leuk :-)
    Mooi huis heb je. Ik ga je vanaf nu volgen.

  2. Hallo Jollie,

    Leuk dat je mijn 223e follower bent geworden, uiteraard sta ik inmiddels ook in jouw rijtje followers.

    Ik ben heel erg benieuwd naar je nieuwe huis......en naar je straks zelfgemaakte mini's!

    Heel veel succes met deze superleuke hobby waarin je veel creativiteit kwijt kan.

    Groetjes, Karin.

  3. Hoi Jollie....wat leuk dat je de miniwereld weer terug hebt gevonden! :-)
    Ik ben benieuwd naar je verdere avonturen!!
    Groetjes, Margriet

  4. FElicidades por haber vuelto a esta aficion tan bonita , yo hace poco que encontre esta aficion, ...un año quizá, el caso es q es apasionante, verdad??? gracias por haberte hecho seguidora de mi blog, veo que te has apuntado en el sorteo, q haya suerte¡¡¡, muchos besos guapa.

  5. hallo Jollie
    bedankt voor je leuke berichtje.
    ben nu ook een volger van je .
    ik zag de beacon hill,die heb ik jaren geleden ook gemaakt,een prachtig huis he.
    groetjes Marja


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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