woensdag 22 december 2010

Problems with my camera :(

Hello everyone!

Today I had a great day!
I found a mini furniture set at a local (book)shop here,
it is a bit old and dark brown so I am going to give a shabby chic look! :)

I made some photos of how it looks before I start painting it,
but for some reason
I can't get the photos on my computer :(
(Never had this before) I tried everything, but it doesn't work.
Well... that was not so great today!
But it didn't change my mood of happiness. ;)

As soon as I find the time to fix this problem (probably after the Holidays) I will show this set to you. :)

Warmest wishes,

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Jollie hello! thanks to follow my blog! even now I'm into you, I want to see your beautiful home over!
    I read your pages, and discovered that the fever miniatures and dollhouses is not just my disease! ah ah!
    it's nice to share the dreams, is not it?
    welcome in the blogosphere! I'm Italian, when you want, I'm at your fingertips!
    kisses and Merry Christmas!

  2. Good luck with the photo/computer technical problems!

  3. Jollie, So nice that you have discovered blogging! It is so much fun and filled with inspiration and the nicest people all over the world! I love the house that you want to buy and will enjoy reading your blog about your progress!
    Merry Christmas to you!


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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