zondag 26 december 2010

Time to Organize!

Good evening! :)

I am a person, that likes to 'Go with the Flow' and
I forget things sometimes (who doesn't?)
So I tried to figure out a way how to keep my ideas
about my new dollhouse.

I don't want all my ideas spinning around in my head!
(it gets so busy in there after a while, that I will have sleepless nights... lol)

So this was the first thing that I did...
I took a small pocket notebook with 4 tabs in it,
one for every room in the dollhouse.
It fits easy in my purse too, you probably know that
ideas pops up all the time when you don't have anything to write!
(on the front cover it says: Express Your Talent)
And I write my ideas for each room in a seperate
part of the book now.
First I wrote down the measurments of the house itself
and also each room inside (always good to have with you
when you unexpected stumble into something that might fit)

For me it will be earsier to find back what great ideas I had for my rooms like the colours, furniture, accesoiries or specific things I might forget later.

(I love Fairies, as you can see...)
I also took a bigger (A-5) notebook to write other ideas
For the exterior and garden, 
the tools or materials that I need (or want) to buy.
For more dollhouse miniature projects, not specific for this new dollhouse only.

The second thing that I tried to organize was the whole bunch of stickers
and images that I am collecting for many many years!
I started to sort out some of my boxes (not done yet)
I made categories and I put them in a plastic (freezer) bags
with the name of the category on it.
Now I can put them all together in one big box
and I don't have to dig trough the staple of
'Cats, Dogs, Faries, Angels etc.',
when I just want some flowers or holiday stickers!

So far about my organizing untill now...
Maybe some of you do this also or have some other good ideas?

Warmest wishes,

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Jollie, dankjewel voor de tip over fimo fotograferen. Je bent wel een erg georganiseerd persoon zo te zien. Ben ik helaas niet zo erg :-)

  2. Jollie, that is such a great idea. I think that I should have a notebook, too. It happens so often that I know that I got some very good idea a few days ago, but I cannot remember what it was anymore!


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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