donderdag 17 februari 2011

Gifts from Caterina

Once a week (sometimes twice) I go and
check my mail at my postbox in the village.
They don't deliver the post at our house because we live
'in the middle of nowhere' lol! ;)

Today I found two wonderful surprises in it 
that really made my day!! :)
(I will write two posts about it)

The first surprise was from Caterina
who is practicaly my neighbour ;) she is from Italy.

Look how nice she had packed them...

This is what came out...
These lovely jars are for my Shabby Black Cat Boutique
and the gorgeous Fairy book is for Aivie.
(Who is so happy, cause she finished reading all the Happinez magazines that I made for her).

Here is a close up from the book...

Ain't it amazing...? :) Aivie can't wait to start reading it ;)

Thank you so much Caterina
for your kindness to send me these adorable gifts! 
I am very happy with them! And Aivie too :)


5 opmerkingen:

  1. oh! finally arrived! you know that today is the International Day of the cat?? is celebrated around the world!
    I'm glad that everything has arrived safely and that you liked my minis ...
    I really enjoyed making the pitcher red, with the tail of the cat that becomes the handle of the jug! :))
    a big hug to you, and a mini kiss to little Aivie!

  2. Wat een prachtige kannetjes, die zullen leuk staan in je boutique!!! En het boekje is ook schitterend! Heerlijk, zo'n verwennerij!

  3. What a lovely addition to your black cat cottage! Enjoy! =)

  4. Thank you Caterina, Sonya, Margriet and Latiana :)
    I am sure they will look great in my Shabby Black Cat Boutique!


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Have a nice day!, Jollie

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