donderdag 17 februari 2011

Gifts from Sylvia

This was my second surprise in the mailbox today...

First I have to tell you a small story that goes with it.
A while ago I was reading the blog Lotjesdollhouse from Sylvia,
She is one of the miniature artists that I really admire in her work.

Well as you know I was born in 'Holland'...
Tulips are real Dutch and I just love them, (I love all flowers lol)
I thought... 
I so much want to learn to make some flowers...
So I asked Syliva how she made those beautiful tulips,
she was so very kind to offer me her help and explained it too me.
Well unfortunatly I couldn't find the flower tape and wire here
and Sylvia offered me to send it to me, 
ain't that so generous of her?

But... look what a surprise I found in my mailbox... :)

Besides the flower tape and the wire she also send me fimo clay
to make hands and feet for my Fairy Aivie! :)

A too cute card with the teddy bear and the little puppy!
And in the sweet box with the roses, I found the beautiful miniatures
that she has made for me...

Look at the black cat paws on the jar and the tea pot!
Guess you all know where those will be placed ;)

Can see some of her tulips that I ment?
Actualy are these the first miniature flowers for me!
And... they are Dutch Tulips! lol! ;)

Aivie has claimed the tiny basket for one of her new kittens that she is
planning to have in her cottage...
'The kitchen paper holder with the rooster
will be great in my new kitchen!' 
She yelled exited, while she was fluttering around my head!
I said that the birdhouse will look great 
on the porch of the cottage...
She asked me if one of the cats wouldn't steal it then?
I said 'Nope! I will make sure to glue it on the wall! So they won't stand a chance!'

Here is a closer look at the birdhouse,
It is really amazing how Sylvia painted it...

Sylvia I am so greatfull for your help
and I am trilled by all the beautiful miniatures 
that you have made for me!
Thank you so much!!! :)


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Zo jij bent eventjes verwend! Wat een mooie cadeautjes.
    Groetjes Klara

  2. Must have been the most beautiful day for you after receiving such lovely gifts from two so very talented ladies. I see why you admired Sylvia's tulips...


  3. I remembered 2 years ago, I too received Sylvia's lovely tulips. I was so thrilled , I created a Sylvia doll and wrote a story about her :).

    I also saw Caterina's kitty jugs and thought they were so thoughtful, well made and pretty.

    Like Birgit said, it must have been such a wonderful feeling to receive these gifts :).

  4. Wat ben je heerlijk verwend door Sylvia! Het is ook een schat van een mens :-)

  5. It was one of those very happy days! ;)
    Thank you all for your lovely comments :)


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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