woensdag 23 februari 2011

Paint it Black?

Here on the Peloponnes, in the beautiful old village Nafplion 
(the formal capital of Greece) 
is this cute little shop where a man sells his handmade goodies.
(I don't remember the name but if I will go there agian, 
I will ask him if I may take some photos)

Most of the creations that he makes are wooden toys. 
But he also made this gorgeous piece
which was a present for my birthday some years ago...
(Normaly it dangles from the ceiling inside of the house)

I thought it would be a nice present for Aivie 
after her major surgery ;)
So I made a mini from it...

Well it's not exactly the same, I made a silver one.
It will be perfect for the bedroom in 
her Shabby Fairy Cottage :)


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw...wat mooi...de grote en de kleine!!!
    Die komt op mijn lijstje..zoiets lijkt me ook leuk om een keertje te maken! Zilver is ie ook erg mooi trouwens!

  2. Great transformation to a miniature - these suncatchers are gorgeous, I have one, too - I really like this optical illusion when it rotates... Let it stay silver, Aivie is a fairy, I think she'll prefer it the shiny way.


  3. Tu copia en miniatura es perfecta me encanta, seguro que le gustara muchisimo.
    besitos ascension

  4. I love it in both sizes. It will be perfect for Aivie's bedroom.
    I wonder if in black the "ball" wouldn't be more visible.

  5. They are both very pretty, small and big. Lovely present for Aivie. -I hope she'll soon be all right after difficult operation:D
    piikko :D

  6. Es un precioso regalo y me parece muy bonito en plata. Besos

  7. I am very into black now because of "black swan " ..lol :) so I say paint it black.

    This is a perfect mini replica , Jollie! I am sure Aivie is over the moon or in this case, the sun.... catcher :)

  8. Ohhh, wat mooi!!!
    Zou trouwens ook prachtig zijn aan een ketting of als oorbellen;-)

  9. Thank you all for all the wonderful compliments :)
    Next time I will make a black one... we will see how that will turn out ;)
    Because I do agree with Birgit, Fairies just love 'bling' glitter and shiny ;)

    Warm hugs, Jollie


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