vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Little Guinea Pigs

A: 'Look Henriëtta...
I believe the little guinea pigs
 like their new home and the hay we given them!!'
H: 'Yes! They love it!!
but the brown one is still a little shy...' 
A: 'Do you think she is afraid of Athina?
Owls do eat mice you know... but she won't hurt them
or would you Athina?'
H: 'No... I don't think so, she to wise for that!'
Ath: 'Well... ha ha ha ha ha ha.... (foolish girl!)
I won't eat them they are a little too big for me'.

L: 'Woef woef!!... I want to see them too!!'
A: 'Okay, lets sit on the bench so you can sit on my lab
and have a look at them'.

H: 'I am so glad that I am finaly here in Greece now
with you and your wonderful animals!' :)
A: 'Yeah... me too! 
It is so nice to talk with a real lady!
But ehhh...
a cup of tea would be nice now don't you think?'
H: 'Yes that would be lovely...'
A: 'Jollie would you please be so sweet and get us a cup of tea?'
J: 'Talk to a real lady huh?
So what does that make me, the butler?' ;)
A: 'Ehhh no of course not!
You will always be my best friend Jollie'.
J: Ha ha ha... you really make me laugh Aivie!
well allright then... here's your tea...'

J: 'Aivie who is that little girl with the flower?'
A: 'I don't know...'
H: 'Oh, that is Narcis she sneaked into the parcel with me
and kept me and the guinea pigs company on our trip! 
I am glad she did, I felt not so lonely. 
A: 'Hi Narcis, nice to meet you and welcome to Greece! :)'
N: 'Hi Aivie nice to meet you too!'

J: 'Aivie, what did you do with Lykos??
Poor little wolf with that crown on his head!'
A: 'Ha ha ha, ain't he cute? See how much he is trained already!'
J: 'That is not funny! 
and it is not one of the things you should be teaching him!
L: 'I love this crown, I think I look really friendly now!'
A: 'Ha ha ha... yes you doooo! 
You are the friendliest wolf I've ever known!'
J: 'Yeah... and you've know a lot of bad wolfs didn't you ha ha ha!'
H: 'I agree, he is such a sweet little wolf 
I almost can't believe he is one! 
H: & A:  Ha ha ha ha ha!!'
Ath: 'Don't you girls want to think about some names 
for the little guinea pigs??
Instead of making fun of our Lykos!'
A: 'Ehhh...hi hi... Yes Athina that is a good idea! 
Well, what would be nice names...

Hugs Jollie
and the 'Fairy Farm!' ;)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. No doubt - Henrietta found a loving home... ;O) Love your little story - but I think the brown guinea pig is right. I'm not sure if I would trust an owl if I were a guinea pig...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Birgit :) I believe Athina is trustable with the guinea pigs ;)

    Have a great weekend too!

  3. Wat een schattige caviaatjes!!!! leuk verhaaltje Jollie, maar hou die uil maar in de gaten..ik vertrouw haar voor geen cent ;-)

  4. Dank je wel Margriet, wat de uil betreft... ik denk dat ik beter jouw advies kan aannemen, met zoveel uilen die bij jou wonen, heb je meer ervaring met uilen dan ik ;)

  5. Que suerte para Henrietta haber llegado a un hogar como el tuyo, se la ve muy feliz.
    Yo tengo tambien un personaje de Brigit, se llama Cubo y es precioso.
    Una bonita historia.
    besitos ascension

  6. Thank you Ascension :) And, yes Birgit makes wonderful charachters! :) I would love to see 'Cube' do you have a photo on your blog from him/her?


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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