woensdag 16 maart 2011

Still a Little Child

I am very happy with the fact that I am still
just like a little kid! lol!! ;)

I just love all kinds of plush/stuffed animals
I always get sooo weak when I see them.
For many years in the past, I collected big cats 
(I mean: not the domesticated but the wild ones)
and I still have kept them on the attic at my parents house, 
because I don't have the space to display them all in my house.
I just have a few of them standing here.

Surfing around the internet in the miniature world
I've been seeing lots of very talented artists,
(not only miniaturist)
that really take my breath away with their gorgeous creations!

Well... I just needed to share this blog with you:

Have a peek at some of her beautiful creations!

My favorite is of course this little Pomeranian Puppy!!
Guess what... I have a Black Pom myself, :)
her name is Bo and she will turn 13 years old next August!! :)
This reminds me of how the time flies... 
I still remember that day when I took her home with me...
Bo's size as a puppy was about the size of Melisa's Pom
on this photo above!! lol!


11 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Jollie! Thank you so much for sharing my work with others... I'm delighted you enjoy it so much! :o))) Hugs, Melisa

  2. ¡Son un encanto!. He podido seguir la historia de Zorba con el traductor google y un poco de dificultad pero ha sido muy bonita. Un saludo, Eva

  3. oh- they are all so cute!! My favorite is the pomeranian too :)

  4. Schitterend, wat lief en je nieuwe popje mag er ook zijn, heel mooi.

  5. Thank you for this tip, Melisa's work is beautiful.


    P.S.: DHL really keeps on driving me crazy... according to track and trace the parcel has still a 60 % status. But even though the status didn't change in the meantime, the parcel arrived March 9th in Greece - tadahhhh! I'm so awfully sorry for this snail mail - I hope for a little wonder tomorrow. Poor Henrietta!

  6. Hi Eva, I know it is difficult with the translator... I have the same problems on foreign blogs... I am glad you could understand it though ;)
    Hugs, Jollie

  7. Dank je wel Gonda! :) Ennuh... ze heeft ook bloed zweet en tranen gekost ha ha ha ;)

  8. Birgit I wrote you a mail about poor Henriëtta :( we'll keep our fingers crossed here... But I bet she is just fine, just takes a little longer...

  9. Wat zijn ze levensecht! Geweldig gewoon. :-)


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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