maandag 4 april 2011

Pots or Vases? Or Watering Cans??

Well our imagination took off with us...
Instead of pots and planters, 
most of them turned out into vases and watering cans lol!
and oh yes... some very cute little pots 
which would be great for just one cactus :)

The decoration comes from sticker sheets 
that most of you probably know ;)
It took me a whole morning to accomplish
that decoration on every piece.
I must admit I was in such a creative mood...
all together I made about 30 pots, vases and watering cans! lol!
So that makes sense right?

By the way... 
Aivie doesn't know (Yet!)
that she can't keep them all to herself...
Shhhhh!!! please don't say anything.
I will find the right moment and reason for that ;)

Anyway we are very exited about how they are turning out!
We really LOVE the look they have now!
This is how far we are by now...

Yeah it's a lot of days work (especialy in my tempo lol!)
But I am in no hurry ;)
I really like to work with paper :) I guess that is obvious by now.

Time for another coffee...

and to search for some paint!
maybe some fairydust will do the job? lol!
Just kiddin!
Aivie still doesn't know how to control that glittery stuff!
You never know what might become of our hard work... ;)

Hugs Jollie & Aivie

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Zo, dat zijn er heel wat!
    ziet er goed uit.
    Ben benieuwd hoe leuk het wordt met allemaal cactussen erin.
    Groetjes, Diny

  2. Wow, you have been very busy. They look great - with or without catus... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  3. Que maravilloso trabajo estais haciendo.
    Seguro que quedaran genial.
    besitos ascension

  4. Te están quedando muy bonitos. El trabajo más importante vendrá cuando los quieras llenar de plantas. Un saludo, Eva

  5. You have been very creative, dear Jollie and with good results too ! :)

    I will go dig in my stash this weekend for some pots myself and then they will be on your way :).

  6. That is a lot, i am sure they turn out great.

  7. so many ideaS! can't wait to see them finished!

  8. Wow, you two have been very creative!:D
    Pots are looking good already!

  9. My goodness, there's no stopping you once you get going! Look forward to seeing them finished.

  10. Thanks for all the lovely compliments I really appreciate them very much!!

    Sans, thank you so much!! You are a darling :)

    Hugs Jollie


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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