zaterdag 30 april 2011

Update - Black Cat Boutique and More

I am just a  'new kid on the block' as a matter of speaking...
So I decided that I start to go on with my Black Cat Boutique before
I want to make my own Fairy Cottage... at the moment...
That is a bit too much for me to start with...
I really want to practice my skills a bit more first lol! ;)

But an update on that later...
First I want to celebrate upcomming MayDay (1th of May)
that's the day that I had choose for my give away :)
And a day we celebrate, well my believings might be a bit different than yours...
But that's fine with me :)

In Greece we celebrate May Day tomorrow,
I know that many counties do celebrate this labour day too.
Here in Greece we make a 'wild flower' door crown!
We collect flowers along the road and in the fields
and put them togheter in a  crown wreath...
I never have made one myself, but I want to do that tomorrow
on this special day :)
 I will go and collect some beautiful wild flowers...

In the meanwhile the owners of my house (they arrived yesterday)
made me a very beautiful 'Stefaní' (that is how these crowns are called here)....

Ain't it just  blooming so bright and beautiful? :)
If you are interested, read some more about 

Next that I wanted to share with you...
is that I went to Nafplio yesterday with my mom and some friends of us.
We had such a perfect day!!!! :)
Beautiful weather, great food at the most charming restaurant...
And some great findings for  my collection :)

(You must know that I have two dogs, a gorgeous colli her name is Nina,
and a dangerous Black Pomeranian her name is Bo ;)
Look what I accidently run into....

And... I found this adorable tiny fairy statue!!
She will look great in my new challenge... 
Look what I won at Katie's Claycorner!! ;)

Today we went to Ermioni for a delicious cup of coffee
and after that we went to the beach to relax.

I always have to search for some great beach findings that the
ocean has brought to land lol!
These are my today's beach findings :)

And last but not least... ;)
I have picked up my work at the Shabby Black Cat Boutique again...
It will be a small and shabby shop
were a friendly fairy sells mostley handmade cat gifts 
Well... not just any cat gift...
She has a passion for Black Cats and wants to show that
black cats are sooo sweet... but also mysterious...
all of her handmade crafts happen to have a black cat on it :)

Ehhem... back to reality... lol!
I have finished the floor for the black cat boutique late last night... 
it was so much fun to do this!

That's all folks! ha ha ha

for now....

Hugs Jollie

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh how I envy you living in Greece! This is my special country for holidays and I miss it sooo much:)
    Hope to see the progress of the Shabby Black Cat Boutique soon:)

  2. Hi Jollie, your Shabby Black Cat Boutique sounds really fun! How did you make the floor of the shop? It looks really nice! Have fun with your flower garland on May Day! :-)

  3. Good to hear you're into minis again... and great news you're working on the Black-Cat-Boutique. Your floor looks really promising, can't wait to see more...

    Flutterby + Birgit

  4. the people of Greece is adorable! The wreath is beautiful, I envy you a little, here is still cold and raining ... : ((
    oh! I love the beach, beautiful sea, clean feet, on the cobblestones!
    have also found a small network?? will be nice in the house of Aivie!
    the floor is well ... I'm curious to see the rest ...
    kiss and a good weekend!

  5. Wat een mooie krans heb je gekregen...leuke traditie is dat!!! ben benieuwd wat voor eentje jij vandaag gaat maken!!
    Leuk dat je je eigen hondje hebt gevonden in het klein :-) En het elfje is ook schattig! Dus toch eerst maar verder met je boutique...ach, zolang je maar plezier hebt in wat je doet ;-)
    Ik wou dat ik zo'n strand hier in de buurt had!

  6. Prachtige krans Jollie. Wat een leuk gebruik voor de 1e mei.
    Ben benieuwd naar je vorderingen van je boutique.
    Net als Margriet,zou ik ook wel een strand in de buurt willen hebben. Heerlijk lijkt me dat...

    groet Heleni

  7. Jollie, the wreath is beautiful. I'm sure you are very happy to have it. Your beach findings looks so interisting. I'm curios to see what you'll create.
    Happy 1st of MAY!
    :D piikko

  8. Hi Jollie, wat een mooie krans,leuk idee het ook eens proberen! Het engeltje en het hondje ziijn ook mooie nieuwe aanwinsten,veel plezier er mee! Ja, die stranden....hmmmm,herinneringen, herinneringen!

    Sorry voor mijn afwezigheid overal,maar kan de zin en puf ff niet opbrengen voor het minigebeuren en bloggen...komt wel weer!


  9. What a lovely tradition the wreath is.
    How have you made that floor? Looks like a lot of work - great work!

  10. The wreath is so pretty! What a nice tradition to welcome May. :D
    You've done a great job with the floor. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Cottage.

  11. I love your beach findings and the wild flowers crown.

  12. Hi Jollie! I was at the beach, too this weekend! I also have a bag of goodies that I will post about sometime soon:)

    Love the age of the floor! Looks really good! Can't wait to see where you go with this project:)

    LOVE the fairy! How perfect!!! :)

  13. Dear Jollie, I have just read alllllll your posts that I have missed :). Your Black Cat Boutique project really made me feel like starting a vignette from scratch :). I love the floor that you did! Absolutely realistic! I want them for my real floor :)


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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