dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Swap with Norma

A while ago I did a swap with Norma from Make Mine Mini.

My Sylvanian families were totally over the moon
with these gifts they received yesterday!

Kitten Lauren says to Beatrix (Bea) Spotter:
"Ohhh look Mrs. Bea, what a fancy kitchen,
There's even a real drain at the bottom of the cabinet! "
Bea: "Yes you are right girl... how amazing ... 
Well I guess that must have been a very expensive kitchen
It was bought at Harrods says the sticker.on the box...'

Bea: "But ... ehh There is another gift ... "
Lauren: "Ohhhh what could be underneath that beautiful paper?"

Lauren: "Ohhhh ... MAM! Come see what a beautiful blanket! "
Isabel: "This is what they call a quilt my dear... with a fairy on it "

Bea: "I don't think this quilt is gonna be for you Lauren, but for Aivie.
Lauren: "Well, we'll see about that..."

Fairy quilt image is used by Norma with the kind permission of 
Oz Material Girls at http://www.theozmaterialgirls.com/fairy-fantasy-fairies-girly-quilt-top-fabric-kit-instructions-p-1204.html 
- designer Rosene Cox. 

Thanks So much Norma, for this fun and beautiful swap!

Hugs Jollie

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  1. ciao Jollie complimenti per il tuo blog che seguo spesso e per gli swap...brave!hai una lista per entrare a fer parte degli swap?se vuoi passa dal mio blog..creare-di-tutto-un-po.blogspot.com ciao Erika

  2. Beautiful gifts! And these little animals look so sweet!

  3. The little ones are too cute :). Norma's work is really pretty :)

  4. Jollie que preciosos regalos, son una verdadera maravilla, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Oooops, trouble ahead... we don't believe Aivie will give up on that beautiful quilt... ;O)

    You received the most wonderful gifts - and you presented them so lovely. These little fellows are so cute...

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Glad the little kitchen arrived safely - from Harrods (yes it is true!!) via New Zealand and Australia (they've been in my stash and travelling around with me for a long time!) to Bea and Lauren's kitchen.

    What a fun and action filled little story you made out of the little parcel's arrival, great 'staging' and great pics :)

  7. What nice presents and what a sweet story, Jollie! Love your little critters!

  8. Hey Jolie, van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en een hele fijne avond gewenst.
    Ben je lekker verwend vandaag?

    groetjes Heleni

  9. Jollie me acorde que hoy es tu cumpleaños ♥ Y te quiero desear lo mejor del mundo lleno de muy buena salud y toda la felicidad !!!!
    Te mando un gran abrazo y espero te la pases increíble hoy en tu día Ü
    ¡Los regalos de Norma son preciosos!!
    Un beso

  10. Wat een leuk verhaaltje en wat een mooie kadootjes Jollie. :-)
    Ook hier nog van Harte Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. :-)



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Have a nice day!, Jollie

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