donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Bo 13th Birthday!

Today we celebrate the 13th!!! Birthday
of my my dog Bo :-)

Bo is a black Pomeranian.
I have her with me since she was 8 weeks old...
(my gosh time flies!!!) 
And it is needless to tell you that she's my best friend ;-)
Everywere I go... She goes...
Even if I have to go to the toilet!! (no kiddin') LOL

Except if I go shopping, than I leave her at home
because she hates crowdy places,
and I can understand why... 
People easily step on het because she is so small... 

She is even smaller than most of my cats!
Behind her on the left you see Merlin...

She is a very friendly doggie
but make no mistake with that sweet face of hers!!
She's also very protective and can get
really agressive too ;-)
But honestly...
That's what I like so much about her,
she's only my best friend! ;-) 

Normaly a Pom does not get a hair cut
like some other dogs do.
But I do cut Bo's hair in the summer 
because it gets way too hot for her here in Greece.
This is how she looks after my grooming...

Bo my sweetie, have a very happy 13th birthday!! 

Hugs Jollie 

37 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely little dog and many more happy years together!

  2. Feliz cumpleaños a Bo y felicidades a tí por tenerla tantos años. Espero que sean muchos más y que siga tan bien y tan linda como se la ve. No me extraña que estés loca con ella porque es una preciosidad.
    Un beso a las dos,

  3. gefeliciteerd met Bo! Wat is ze een schatje!!! Ik vind die laatste foto met petje zooooo leuk!!

  4. Dank je wel Margriet :-)
    Ja leuk he, die is een paar jaar geleden gemaakt met haar 10e verjaardag, maar ik vind het nog steeds een van de leukste foto's van Bo.

  5. Happy 13th Birthday, Bo - you'd be a teenager if you were human... ;O) She's a beautiful dog with a very pretty face.

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Thanks Flutterby & Birgit :-)
    Yeah she would be a teenager! But in dog years... she is 91!
    So that is really amazing... but if you see how she's still running around, I would say: a teenager!! ;-)

  7. Happy birthday to Bo! She looks sweet and happy but I do believe she can be very protective when it comes to you Jollie:)

  8. Jollie, She is so adorable!!! A perfect best friend!

  9. She is beautiful and so adorable. The love and loyalty a dog gives you is priceless. Happy Birthday BO. Hugs Maria

  10. What a good friend, and so cute too! Lucky you, Jollie! Happy birthday Bo! :-)

  11. Happy birthday Bo. You are a very cute old lady!

  12. Oh, how cute she is♥♥
    Happy birthday Bo!!!Ü

  13. Pero que fotos más bonitas!!!
    Muchas felicidades a Bo!!!!
    Uno de mis perros el "Poly" también cumplió 13 años ,pero el en junio ¡Ya están viejos! pero con alma de jóvenes ( ;
    Un abrazo

  14. Love the pics! She's so cute! Happy birthday to Bo! =)

  15. It's true what you say Maria, thank you for your wishes :-)

  16. Thank you Jennifer, yes I am very lucky to have her :-)

  17. Thank you Mona, she is very proud to hear that she is still so cute lol! :-)

  18. Thank you Flor and give a hug to Poly from me ;-)

  19. Thank you for your compliment and the birthday wishes Lataina :-)

  20. Hi Jollie, the last picture is very funny I am still laughing a good thing before I am going to work.. Bo'gap is really fashionable:)))) doei, claude

  21. Een dagje te laat maar nog van harte gefeliciteerd met je kind
    Liefs Syl

  22. That is good to hear Claude, that you start the day with a big smile ;-)
    Thanks so much for your birthday wishes :-)

  23. Muchas felicidades!!!
    Es una perrita preciosa.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  24. Happy Birthday Bo!! What a beautiful little lady she is!!!

  25. Thank you Judy, she know she is pretty... and uses it when needed lol ;-)

  26. Wat n schattig hondje, n geweldige vriendin!
    * marlies


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