maandag 15 augustus 2011

Small Up-date Modern Dollhouse

Because of the continuing heat here
I have not much energy left to do something at the moment.

Together with some help from Schroeder (father cat)
I've put the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and hallway in the primer.

But most of the day we all just hang around and relax.
Zorba is happy with that, because sleeping is his biggest hobby! 

Oh well in about a week or two the temperture will go down slowly.
And hopefully it will start to rain again soon, 
I am really looking forward to that,
We didn't have a raindrop since may... 

But for now... I am still enjoying this summer!  

Hugs Jollie

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Zorba looks very relaxed lol. Wish you could send us over some sun. I could send you buckets of rain hehe. Hugs Maria

  2. We have loads of rain to share... but we're in no need of heat... ;O)We can see you're prepared for getting started as soon as the temperatures gets modest, until then, it's good to relax and enjoy your day like Zorba does. And little Schroeder in his chair made us smile...

    Flutterby + Birgit

  3. Schroeder in his little chair and Zorba all stretched out--they're both adorable! It will be fun to see more about your house once things cool down. Until then, you'll enjoy the ride! :-)

  4. En verano hay que tomarse la vida con filosofia, .....relax, y calma, jejejej
    Ya vendra el invierno y haremos de todo, un beso

  5. I can understand you don't feel like doing a lot. Hope some rain will come soon.

  6. Nou van die Zobra van jou hoef je ook geen hulp te verwachten, wat n luiwammis!
    * marlies


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