woensdag 28 september 2011

Moortje had her 1th Birthday

Because of the internet problems
and the terrible pain in my back that is killing me at the moment,
I didn't write this post before... but here it is!

Last week tuesday (21th September) 
We celebrated Moortje's 1th birthday :-)
I found her exactly a year ago at that day when I was shopping
at a German supermarket concern here outside of a nearby village.
She was sitting behind the shopping carts next to a aluminium plate... 
crying for food...
Well... weak as I was... here she is the day that I found her ;-)

She is my 6th black cat and the last of the 10 cats that own me LOL.
To me Moortje closes a spiritual circle.... Why?
I believe I told it in some older post before... but if you might forgot... 
our first black cat was also listening to the name Moortje.

She best friends with Elwin, Merlin and Zorba.
Loedertje can't stand her and still behaves very unfriendly towards her...

Here she is in the box with Zorba on top of it!

I love her beautiful and friendly green eyes! :-)

I think she was about 6 months old when I found her.
I don't know how she ended up at the parkingplace from the supermarket...
Or what has happened to her before she came and live with us.
But she can't jump... every hight above 40 cm is to high for her.
So I have put a big bucket infront of the table were the cats eat,
because by herself she can't jump that high...

This photo is one of the most recently that I took 

She has a very grateful and sweet carachter.
So for my sweety here is a Belated Happy Birthday!

I also want to thank you all
for your lovely mails and comments on my previous post
where I told you about my lower back problems (spinal disc herniation)
It really means a lot to me and I apreciate it very very much
to have such wonderful viritual friends!
Thanks so much!!!! 
It is still not going any better... the pain is horrible...
But I know it will get better.... soon? :-(
Hugs Jollie

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  1. Happy birthday Moortje! You are very beautiful black cat. Moortje, please tell regards to tortoises from our turtle. Our turtle is living in our living room and he would love to stay out all year around too.
    -Jollie, I hope your back will be better soon!
    Hugs, piikko

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to Moortje. She is very beautiful! She is also lucky to have found a good loving home.

  3. She's a real black beauty... and it looks like she was waiting just for you at that supermarket. Happy belated birthday, Moortje!

    Sorry to hear about you pain, I really hope medicine will help you soon!


  4. Muchas Felicidades!!!!
    Es preciosa!!!
    Siento que aun estes pasando dolores de espalda (son horribles...), espero que pronto mejores.
    besitos ascension

  5. Happy Birthday to kitty! Such a beautiful cat. :)

    I hope your back improves soon and the pain lessens. :(

  6. Happy birthday Moortie! And a lot of best health wishes to your owner! But maybe you, Moortie, owe Jollie, right?;)

  7. Happy birthday, Moortje! Beautiful story and pictures, Jollie! I'm so glad you saved her--you are a very special woman, Jollie. I'm still sending thoughts and prayers your way for a quick and complete recovery. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Je hebt het maar druk met al die verjaardagen, gelukkig hoef je geen partijtjes te geven en uitdelen op school hi, hi

  9. Happy birthday to moortje, she is a lucky cat, living in your house now.
    I think your a very special woman, because not everyone is like that :(
    I hope your back is doing better !!
    Best wishes for your health.
    Hugs Mieke xxx


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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