zondag 2 oktober 2011

Gifts from Drora and Geneviève

Because of the problems with my back, I did not find the right time 
to share these wonderful gifts I have received lately 
from my dear blogger friends.
But it is getting a little bit better now (one day better than the other) 
so here they are... 

Geneviève immedeiately thought of me (I collect fairies since 1997)
when she found, this wonderful handmade fairy 
at a craft market during her holiday in East Borne (England).

Isn't she just beautiful?? I love these colors!
In my 1:1 house I have a lot of these turquoise colors,
so she fits in perfectly ;-) 
(click to enlarge the pictures)

The fairy is made from an wooden peg and recycled materials :-)
(as far as I understand from the website)

Geneviève also send this summer 'Beach' card with her...

And all the way from Israel, 
Drora has send me this beautiful box (left on photo)
filled with lots of wonderful minis and a Happy New Year card! 
On 28 September it is New Year, according to the Hebrew calendar.

A Summer Set: flip flops, beach / handbag and a hat with sunflowers,
a tea pot, a water tank that has a light in it! 
a mini book with psalms in Hebrew,
This is considered to keep save from danger and illness,
as Drora explains.
It came in the tiny plastic bag (which I will use to make a cute handbag) 
I also got a Hamsa hand with a blue eye, to protect against the "Evil Eye"
and a painting with shells from the Sea of Galilee! :-)

Dear Genevieve and Drora, thanks again SO MUCH for all these
precious gifts, I am very very happy with all of them!  

Hugs Jollie 

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Congratulations your gifts are all beautiful. The fairy is gorgeous. The gifts from Drora are wonderful. Enjoy you deserve. Glad to hear your back is getting better. Take care.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Muchas felicidades por esos hermosos regalos
    Un abrazo

  3. Wow, so many beautiful gifts! Enjoy!! =)

  4. Congratulations on your lovely gifts, Jollie! Glad you are feeling better! :-)

  5. Beautiful gifts from Drora!
    Jollie, you're welcome.

  6. Jollie I am pleased your back is better. Genevieve's fairy is very sweet. Enjoy! Hugs, Drora

  7. It's very good news that your back is getting a little better every day... I keep wishing you the best for your health. And receiving such wonderful gifts from lovely friends sure is some kind of good medicine!



Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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