zondag 11 december 2011

Holiday to Holland - Part 4 - With Sylvia

Sunday, right after the show, Dimphy and I went to Sylvia.
There was a lot of traffic on the road, which surprised me for a Sunday night!
So I was completely burnt down when we arrived.
Luckily we were warmly welcomed by Sylvia in her cozy home.

(click on the pictures to enlarge) 

We had a great dinner together and after that we exchanged some gifts.

Sylvia gave me this wonderful cabinet. 
And the unique vintage cooking pan, 
the beautiful crocheted tiny cushion (in my favorite color 
and the amazing bird cage was handmade by Sylvia for me.

Look closer, there's even a real swing in it... 

And of course we had a look at her wonderful work, 
after unpacking all these beautyful gifts. 

The first thing I saw, right away when I arrived, was this impressive room ...
Dead tired as I was, I put my bag under a small table 
and when I stood up there was this room on top of it.
I looked straight into the softly luminous scene... 
and I felt instantly happy! 

Here you see it in daylight ...

And this is Sylvia's French House ...

I especially love the hobby room with all the miniature dollhouses!

Dimphy had a good time at the beach house, 
where Sylvia won the third prize with in a competition 
at the Dollhouse Emporium in 2009...

I was so impressed with all of her work that I forgot 
to take pictures of all of it lol,
But you can see all her work on Sylvia her blog
She also has much better pictures of her work than I made! 

I really wanted to make something together with Sylvia 
and we chose to build a loft bed for Dimphy. 
Sylvia has really done all the work. 
And I learned sooooo much by looking at how she worked 
and what materials she used...
(and by annoying her to ask too many questions 
while she was brainstorming  lol). 

The result is really amazing!!

Dimphy is also very happy with it as you can see ...

I will finish it once the bedroom of Dimphy is so far done 
(so that will take some time lol)

Sylvia, you're a darling!!! 
And again I want to thank you so very much for your hospitality, 
your wisdom and all your help 
that I desperately needed at that time 
And of course for all the beautiful gifts 
You're a very dear friend!! 
Next time I will tell you about our visit at Margriet!
But as you all know I am still very busy
decluttering and reorganizing my own house...
(I will share some picitures with you later) 
I do miss you all, and the miniatures....
but I will be back for sure!!

To be continued...

Hugs Jollie and Dimphy 

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  1. Hi Jollie,
    Sylvia's gifts are little treasures. Sylvia's work is always imressive and very beautiful. You were lucky to be able to spend a lovely time with Sylvia.

  2. It must have been wonderful to be able to see Sylvia's work in real.

  3. I totally agree, Sylvia is a darling and she is a genius too.
    The way she works is amazing. Best wishes, Rosanna

  4. Oh lucky you Jollie to see these beautis alive! And lucky Dimphy to have something done by Sylvia!

  5. Oh lucky you Jollie to see these beautis alive! And lucky Dimphy to have something done by Sylvia!

  6. Wonderful gifts! I`m a follower of Sylvia, she make fantastic things!

  7. What a fantastic visit, sad that you've been a bit tired due to traffic... Sylvia is an outstanding artist and the bed for Dimphy is fantastic!


  8. What a fabulous blog entry; thanks for sharing such brilliant photos. I love that hobby room to; tiny treasures everywhere.

  9. What a marvelous time you had with Sylvia! How fortunate! I miss seeing you at my blog, but I understand the importance of simplifying and de-cluttering. You will feel so light when you have completed your project! :-)

  10. Que suerte Sylvia es una gran artesana, me alegro de que hayas disfrutado de ella y sus fantasticos trabajos.
    Enhorabuena por los regalitos.
    besitos ascension

  11. The bed is fabulous! I can't wait to see how you finish it. Dimphy looks adorable in her Hello Kitty dress! =)

  12. Teehee, it is so nice to see my little wind chime at the beach house. I hope little D had a good time there listening to the waves and the chimes :). Your trip was fun to read especially as I know some of the friends you met . Glad you had a good time Jollie. I hope it really lifted your spirit!

  13. How exciting to visit Sylvia! Her work is just so amazing, it would be wonderful to see it up close.

  14. No me canso de pasear por tu blog, me encanta todo lo que haces. Un beso.




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Have a nice day!, Jollie

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