maandag 9 januari 2012

Paint Me White and Reorganize!

As most of you know I am reorganizing my little house.
I live on 30 square meter, (yes! incl. kitchen and bathroom)
so I do need to create some space
for my miniature hobby and upcoming projects ;-) 

Here are some photos from the things I did...
 (click on the images to enlarge them)

I gave this small blue dresser a shabby white look!

This one I decided to be just plain white...

I also painted this bamboo cabinet white...
My Modern 'Lake View' Dollhouse will be placed on it later. 

And I have two dressers (each with 4 drawers) 
were I keep my material. 
But the drawers could not hold all that heavy stuff.
They were all bend in the middle! 
So I had to find a solution for them to fix that problem.
Here is what I did.

First I glued the bottom back into the drawers...

 I had to do this outside because of the little space I have in the house,
so it had to be good weather... (it is winter here too!  lol)

Then I glued some wooden pieces into it so it would be more sturdy.
These heavy bricks are holding them on their place 
while they were drying...

Oh yeah... 
I measured out the size of these organizers that I found at IKEA
before I glued the wooden pieces into it...

And see... 
Now I can put my material and stuff in it. 

There are two of these organizers on each side (stacked) 

Some of the drawers are just with the wooden pieces in the middle, 
which still makes it more easy to separate the things...

Still have to unpack and sort out a whole bunch of 
card boxes with all the material and miniatures
(I stashed everything in boxes while I was fixing these drawers), 
so I still will be busy for a while.
But it is inspiring too, it gives me lots of new ideas!! 

See you all soon!!

(This is Zorba... the naughty cat!)

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet er goed uit Jollie!!!
    En nu weet ik wat ik moet doen als de laden van mijn kasten beginnen door te buigen ;-)

  2. Wow! It was worth all the hard work just to get the drawers working. I envy the way you have all your materials organized.
    The painted little furniture pieces look wonderful.

  3. Wow,that has been a lot of work :D But it's worth it,right? :D

  4. une bonne résolution de début 2012: ranger, trier..
    Les petits meubles repeints sont beaucoup mieux ainsi!

  5. how pretty a coat of paint makes everything look! I really love how the bamboo cabinet looks afterwards. You are so smart to fix your drawers like that- and now more organized too :)

  6. I like your furniture in white; you are full of ideas, well you have to be when you live in a small place.

  7. Something must be in the air, Jollie, because I have been sorting and organizing too! I recently donated tons of stuff and then organized the rest. Whew! Doesn't it feel better to have things organized and easy to find? Great job on your project--very inspiring! :-) Jennifer

  8. Que fantastico trabajo, a pesar de lo mucho que has tenido que trabajar.
    Te han quedado geniales, una buena idea.
    besitos ascension

  9. You have done a fantastic job with your drawers. The organizers are great. I will have to copy some of this. Love the paint jobs.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Te han quedado perfectos!!y mucho más bonitos,ademas de todo bien ordenado!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  11. You're having your white period, aren't you?! (LOL) It was worth the effort and the paint - and I envy you for organizing your drawers so well...


  12. vaya manitas que tienes, y me encantan tus gatazos.Besos.

  13. A good idea to paint things white, then your house will feel bigger. I hope to one day get everything organized too :)

  14. Super!!
    Lekker he, als alles georganiseerd is?!
    Kastjes zijn mooi geworden en ik denk dat het allemaal er een stuk rustiger uitziet.

    Liefs Syl
    Ps, ben nog druk met de jurk ed dus kom niet aan mailen toe

  15. Beautifully organised and the furniture certainly looks fresh and bright and pretty. Well done

  16. The furniture looks great! You came up with such a clever way of organizing the drawers. Love it!!! =)


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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