dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Is it almost ready?

Dimphy is becoming a bit impatient.
She wants to see her new home soooo badly!
But it is a surprise...
And yes, even for a fairy child every day is too long! ;0)

Behaved as she is she stays away from the house when I craft.
But last night she could not stand it any longer 
and she came secretly watching.
I just wanted to start painting the stairs and the doors...

Dimphy: "Do you make something pink, purple and blue in my house?
Those are my favorite colors... "
Jollie: Yes I know, darling.
You really have to wait a while longer and you'll see.
How many favorite colors do you have??
Dimphy: Ehhh.... Well a lot... I guess... I just don't like orange and red!
Jollie: Ohhh... my gosh.... 
Dimphy: But how long will it take then?
Jollie: Well it will take a couple of days more though.
Dimphy: But I did see the kitchen and the hall right?
Jollie: Yes but also when it was finished.
Dimphy: But that did not take soooo long!
Jollie: That was not so hugh dear, 
wallpapering and painting a whole house is slightly more work.
Dimphy: Yes but ...

I thought: Okay... here we go!!! And now what do you do?? 
Try to change the subject to avoid her waterfall of questions lol! 

Jollie: What do you think of it when I give your hair a new look?
Dimphy: Yeahhhhh! I would love braids!!! Can I have them, Can I?
Jollie: Sure you can 
I also bought a very nice spring dress for you, shall I show you?
(Sometimes I buy her some things and don't let her see it immediately . 
Then she has more times fun of a gift 

So... I gave her a make-over 
and in the meanwhile I told her how far I am with her house.
But... the details are still a secret. 
Dimphy is so happy that her house is almost ready for her
and she's also delighted with her ​​new look!

Dimphy: Can't I just help you with something??
(still trying!!) 
Jollie: Oh no sweetie, you have to go to bed now.
It's already sooo late, you must be very very tired 
Dimphy: Yes ... I am a little sleepy now...
Well ... I will look where Sam is and go to sleep then.

(Then I will paint the stairs 

Hugs Jollie & Dimphy 

13 opmerkingen:

  1. She looks so sweet with the braids.:) Oh, maybe she is a bit imaptient, but who wouldn't be? At least she listens to you, Jollie.:)And I guess we all can't wait to se Dimphy's house!!

  2. Cute makeover! I can't wait to see the new house--yay! :-) Jennifer

  3. Dimmphy's makeover is great her dress is very pretty. I am looking forward to seeing her house.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Thank you Ewa, I am good at keeping secrets ;-)

  5. Thanks Jennifer, I can imagine that you can't wait to see it too lol!

  6. Thank you Maria, I also think she looks great with her braids :-)

  7. Flutterby says he can truly understand how Dimphy feels... ;O) But we have no doubt you will make everything beautiful for her - and we hope to see results soon, too. Btw - Dimphy's new outfit looks great!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  8. Dimphy's braids look gorgeous and I love her new dress :0)
    The house is looking wonderful, I'm not suprised that dimphy is so excited to see it finished!!!
    Vicky xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Que maravilloso cambio, esta preciosa con esas trenzas.
    besitos ascension

  10. I am as impatient as Dimphy to see the house.
    I love her new hair style and her dress.

  11. Dimphy est mignonne dans sa tenue printanière.Un vrai rayon de soleil.



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Have a nice day!, Jollie

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