woensdag 27 juni 2012

New Family Member

For a while I wanted a posable fashion doll,
(There is still a Momoko doll on my wish list ;-) 
because I find the 1:6 scale size so cool!

And yesterday, while shopping groceries, 
I was sold when I looked at this pretty girl...

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

I was so impatient when I got home 
that I forgot to take a picture
when she was still neatly in the box 

So here she sits on top of the package lol ...

She's a Barbie Fashionistas Raquelle, Clutch Wave 2
But all that does not really matter for me. 
The great thing of this Barbie Fashionistas series
for me is that they are easy posible 
(much like a Ball Jointed Doll).

I also bought some cute clothes for her ...

And this morning when Dimphy woke up, she met her ​​...

Dimphy: Hey ... Hello I am Dimphy and who are you?
Romy: How nice to see you Dimphy, I'm Romy.

As you can see on the pictures,
immediately they get along very well those two!

So... Dimphy has a new best friend... Romy! 

A Barbie house will not be build for now, that is way too large
to put in my own tiny house lol  
A roombox might be... who knows  
It seems very nice to me to make some clothes 
and other goodies for Romy in scale 1:6 

 Hugs, Jollie, Dimphy and Romy 

zondag 17 juni 2012

Gifts from Anja

Anja (a very sweet lady from the Netherlands) 
is a reader of my Dutch blog
she completely fell in love with Dimphy, so she decided
to adopt a BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) like Dimphy is, 
but one size bigger (a LaTi Yellow).

If we have time, we email each other about 'our girls'
  often with pictures of her BJD called Sabeau, 
and that is so cute!
But a few weeks or so ago, she sent us just a lot of gifts!

A lot of miniature products of the Albert Heijn 
(Dutch Supermarket) campaign,
a wonderful self-knitted cardigan for Dimphy 
and two super cute gnomes ...

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Dimphy: Ohhhh all is sooo cute!
But ehh ... is a bit big all those yummie things?

Jollie: I see you thinking, then there is a lot more in it 

Dimphy: Yes that is sooo right?

Jollie: Yes dear, but what do you say to keep them
for when you get a bigger sister?
Then you can surprise her with all sorts of goodies!

Dimphy: Yeaaaah! That's a good idea 
but may I have the gnomes?
And the cardigan? It's a bit too big, but is so comfy ...

Jollie: Yes dear of course you can.

Dear Anja and Sabeau,
Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts! 

Dimphy and me will be back soon with miniature making,
but... sometimes I also have to put some time in other things 

Last but not least... I just could not resist 
to take a wonderful picture this morning 
and share it with you all...
Perhaps because of the Greek Gouverment Selections 
that are going on today??

 My cat Zoë togeher with the tortoises drinking water,
(which are amazing miniatures themselfs 
when they are so young)... 

 They choose to respect each other 
and live together in Harmony! 

Hugs Jollie and Dimphy 
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