zondag 30 januari 2011

Could this be Aivie?

Remember that I wanted to bring my Fairy alive?

Well I have been collecting fairies for many many years now,
and I have one in my collection that looks like Aivie!
She was given to me years ago as a present.
I had her hanging in my room for a while
until one of my cats gave her a hard swing...
she dropped on the floor and she broke her arms :(

I kept her after that somewhere in the dresser.
And by coincidense I have found her back this week.
I do not believe in coinsidense, so I looked at her very closely...
She looks a bit sad, but has the cutest face!

Well she said to me It's no wonder that I look a bit sad!
I broke my arms and I don't have legs because I can only hang on a string!! Wouldn't you be sad??

For a week now she dangles next to my monitor
trying to convince me that she is Aivie.
I had doubts about that in the first place I have to admit!
But slowly the voice from Aivie inside my head has moved to her...
Now she can't stop talking to me while she's hanging on my desk lamp!
So yes, I have to say that this is Aivie :)

Here you can see that she was ment to be a 'dangling fairy' ;)

I promised her to give her some real arms and legs!
She is very exited about that ofcourse...
She looks more happy allready!! ;)

Let's be honest she can't go on living like this right?

And... may be some new clothes and hair too...
We will see ;)


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Ze is een schatje! En ik zou ook verdrietig zijn zonder armen en benen en weg gestopt in een kast LOL
    Ik zou haar een totale metamorfose geven....maak er helemaal je eigen Aivie van!

  2. I really think she deserves a little special V.I.F. treatment (= Very Important Fairy)... ;O)


  3. Ich denke sie verdient es besondere Behandlung zu bekommen. Sie hat ein wirklich suesses Gesicht, soll dann nicht Der koerper auch vollkommen sein?

    Mini Hugs
    von Sonja aus Namibia.

  4. Oh yes, poor little thing is crying out for arms so she can give hugs!! Best wishes, Carol :) x

  5. Hi Jollie :) thank you for your comment on my blog :). I look forward to see Aivie on the mend :).

  6. This is a gorgeous fairy, I'm glad you foud your Aivie. I can't wait to see what you're going to make with her.

  7. Se merece que le hagas sus bracitos, es una hada preciosa y seguro que te lo agradecera.
    besitos ascension

  8. Hallo Joos,
    Wat leuk dat je ook een Blogger-Blog hebt aangemaakt en weer erg creatief. (Zoals ik wel van je gewend ben).
    Ik ben je 106e volger, VEEL HOOR!!
    Liefs Eef Xxx

  9. Stel je toch eens voor dat je haar weggegooid had. Gelukkig heb je haar bewaard.
    Ik ben benieuwd wat voor 'rebirth' je haar gaat geven. :-)



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Have a nice day!, Jollie

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