donderdag 6 januari 2011

Little project I am working on

Hello Everybody,

Hope you had a great start at this New Year.
I sure did, I had a great time in Athens (Pireaus) :)
I changed the look of my blog this morning and...

At the moment I am working on these little birdhouses,
that I found on 'Katie's Clay Corner'

First I painted the card stock paper white,

the last 2 layers of paint is silver as you can hardly see here...

and a bit of a white touch at to finish them (not ready yet)

I also made some mini books, but didn't photograph them yet ;)
I am still looking for a tutorial to make magazines too.
Does anyone have a link for me maybe?

Warmest wishes,

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What kind of Italian magazines interest you? daily, monthly? that time? I can do a search for you. As soon as I am, I send you an email.
    respond soon, please! thanks, kisses.

  2. Dat worden leuke vogelhuisjes! Met een link voor tijdschriften te maken kan ik je helaas niet helpen, ik heb dat nog ook nog niet gedaan. Maar je bent wel al lekker productief in t nieuwe jaar.
    * marlies

  3. Hi Jollie - What a fresh and friendly blog you have! I am new at blogging myself, but I have also returned to my mini passion after a time away... I don't know about italian magazines, but there are some english printies at
    Happy Making!


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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