woensdag 26 januari 2011

Seashell Mirror

Of course my Fairy (her name is Aivie)
wants to have her own shabby beach hut.
(hold on to your chair, cause that's not her last
'wish you would make that for me me' thing!)
Aivie told me that she has to relax at the beach now and then
Enjoy the sun, read a book,
have a cup of tea with her mermaid friends...
You'll understand that don't you? lol! ;)
So an other (far away) project will be
her shabby beach hide out!

Well I noticed these last weeks when I started to make minis,
that I can't just stick with one project!!
Aivie has way too many idea's of what I could make,
most of that is ment to be for her, but she also thinks about others...
well... sometimes ;) lol! She is still young and has to learn a lot!

I agree with her that we don't want to put all our other good idea's
aside untill a next time when a project is finished....
So, we will follow our feelings
and I will make what pops up in our minds!
That sounds like the fun we are looking for! :)

This little project was one of those idea's Aivie had
and it's for her shabby beach hide out...
It is about 2 inches /5 cm big
I want to make another one with a smaller frame,
I lost too much of the mirror with this first one...
But besides that I think it turned out lovely! :)


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Als ik jou was begon ik maar meteen aan haar huisje!! dan heb je meteen een mooi plekje voor deze leuke spulletjes die je aan het maken bent!!!
    Ik krijg zin om aan een strandhuisje te beginnen...pff, hoe zou dat nou komen hahahahaha

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Ja hoe komt dat toch dat we zoveel tegelijk willen maken hé? leuk toch!

    En tja wat betreft Aivie's huisje... dat wordt even sparen nog ;) maar de spullen voor haar huisje komen er nu wel al langzaam aan bij hoor.
    Ik kan dat toch niet laten! ;)

  3. I understand why Aivie wants a beach hut and the mirror is a gorgeous good start. I also had this plan some years ago and it turned out to be a seaside holiday house. As I said on my blog I've got the windows for it.
    Why do we have so many ideas and not enough time? ...

  4. Hi Geneviéve,

    Yes still more ideas are comming into my mind.
    Since I started with miniatures about a month ago, I just can't stop thinking about 'how to' and 'what to'... I like that :)
    But time... before you know it the day turns in to night... lol!
    I have to look that up at your blog about your seaside holiday house! That sounds great! :) Did you do nothing with it yet?


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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