vrijdag 7 januari 2011

The Shabby Cat Boutique!

Today I just had this great idea!
Sice I had to buy a bigger cage (for outside) for my rabbits,
all the money that I had saved for my future new dollhouse
'The Glencroft',
has been spend on that new cage now.
Well my animals come first you know... no doubt about that! ;)
I also bought some beautiful kits last week,
To 'Do it by myself' at 'Sylvia's Lutje Boudel'
So my savings are spend ;)

I was thinking (while I was painting the tiny birdhouses)
can't I just start with a roombox or so for now?
Without buying anything to it...
And I had this briliant idea!!

A few weeks ago I started to make this from card board boxes
(just took some pics from it, sorry about the bad light):

I wanted to make a kind of a fairy house out of it,
but when I had finished this far I wanted something bigger
for my fairy. That was when I started to search for a small dollhouse
and came up with 'The Glencroft'.

This piece of half finished work was still
waiting for something to become.
And just an hour ago I decided to make a small
'Shabby Cat Boutique' out of it!! :)

Not a recular petshop... NO! lol! ;)
I will make a shop (boutique) from it,
where my dolls (she's a fairy ;) can sell 'All About Cats'!
I am still thinking if I should make it with
only Black Cats, or with any Cats??

Like statues, gifts, candy, paintings and posters,
signs, greeting cards, clocks, cussions, 
but also things to pamper the cats as soaps and shampoo,
cat toys and cat beds... and so on!

Here's the inside so far...
It has already lights in it too! :)
I will change the wallpaper on the sides
(backside I will leave like that I think)

I just love this idea! :)
And the best of it is... I can start with this project
What a great day lol!

Oh yes... if anyone has some good ideas what else I could put 
in ' The Shabby Cat Boutique'
I love to listen to your ideas... :)

Last but not least,
some photos of the most cutest and most perfect miniatures
I've seen since a long time...lol!

This is what I bought for them.
I bet they are gonna be happy too :)

Warmest wishes,

2 opmerkingen:

  1. this is so cute! I'm sure they will appreciate it! love your works too~

  2. Ja, Sylvia heeft leuke workshopjes, he. Ook altijd heel professioneel met foto en beschrijving.
    Wat een leuk idee om n winkeltje met poezen items te doen, ben benieuwd hoe het gaat worden.
    Wat zijn die minies gegroeid, ik vind ze zo lief, ze hebben wel een schitterend huis gekregen!
    En ik ben me toch jaloers op dat zonnetje bij jullie!
    * marlies


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Have a nice day!, Jollie

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