dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Fairy Doll Up-date

Well finaly I managed to make the hands and feet
for my Fairy Doll Aivie...
Yesterday I had to start over about 30 times before
I made one hand!!

This morning I started with the other hand and her feet.
The feet are simple, because she will wear socks later
I did not have to make the toes ;)

I can asure you that doll making is NOT MY THING!!
My gosh am I relieved I have accomplished this...
(Click here to see her before this make-over)

Here is Aivie... fresh out of the oven ;) lol!

 This was the hardest part...

Well I am satisfied with her and I will start tomorrow 
with assembling her body parts.

But... I told her that she has to live alone
in her miniature world!
Because I have to think twice for a very very long time
before I start with a polymer clay doll again! lol! ;)
Fortunately she doesn't mind. 
She said:
'As long as I can have some cats and dogs and rabbits... 
Oh yeah... and a guinea pig and...'

'Ehhh... we will see about that! 
Go watch tv or something and leave me alone for a while today!' 
Is what I told her...


15 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey, hartstikke goed zeg!!! Aivie zal wel blij zijn dat ze over een tijdje zich lekker kan bewegen met al haar ledematen op de goede plek ;-)Knap gemaakt die handen!!

  2. Dank je Margriet, mijn god wat een ontzettend $#@!& werk is dat zeg. En ik ben ook een pietlut een hoor hi hi ;)

  3. Helemaal te gek hoor, wat een perfectie!!
    Het is even priegelen maar dan heb je toch wat.
    Liefs Syl

  4. Dank je wel Syl :) Gelijk heb je! Twee dagen priegelen en dan heb je ook wat dat klopt hi hi ;)
    Ik ben er nu wel tevreden mee, dus dat is het wel waard geweest.

  5. Well, if it is not your thing then why she is so pretty? ;) Great work Jollie! She is sweet.:)

  6. oh! But you've also made "boobs ""....
    if I come to Greece, you increase to me, a bra size in most, even? ah ah ah!
    very nice, I love it!

  7. Ik moet opeens lachen nu ik je stukje nog een keer lees....een elfje met sokken LOL
    Tuurlijk..alles kan..maar ik zie nu opeens een heel mooi elfje voor me met geitenwollen sokken aan hahahahaha
    Misschien zijn van die grappige elfenschoentjes met de punt omhoog ook wel een leuk idee ;-)
    Maar sokken kan ook hoor!!

  8. Pues para no ser lo tuyo, te ha quedado francamente genial.
    A mi me parece que hacer manos con dedos es toda una hazaña, enhorabuena!!!!
    besitos ascension

  9. You did an excellent job. I know how difficult it is to achieve such a result, I tried and in the end nothing...
    I can't wait to see Aivie finished.

  10. If that is what you achieve when you claim it not to be up your alley, what would you achieve if it would be your thing??? You did an amazing job, the hands are adorable - and hands are always the hardest part. Great job, Aivie can be very pleased.


    P.S.: Thank you for today's comment. I didn't expect that glue spray to be that bad. It's a quality product from Marabu (you've probably heard of them, they're one leading company for craft supplies, especially paints etc.) and was recommended for stencil techniques by my favourite craft supplier... a total desaster for me. It stinks like the worst glue you can think of... ;O)

  11. Thank you all for the most lovely compliments :)

    Well I don't know what will come out when it is 'my thing to do' lol! but maybe we will find out... as most of you know, I am just starting with the mini making... so who know what else will come :)

    Caterina, about her boobs, well don't we all make some things in our mini world that we don't have in our 1:1 life... lol!!

    Margriet, I have send you some pictures with very cute elfish socks! ha ha ha

  12. Jollie, You have done so well! I love her face! It will be so much fun to see when she is all done!

  13. She is coming to life wonderfully. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the process. =)

  14. Jollie, Avie is amazing! Those hands are too! You sure it's not your thing? I think you should rethink? You are really good!

  15. Hi Aivie, it is so nice to meet you! You look so pretty♥ I hope to hear about you very soon!
    with love, piikko


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