dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Fairy Garden Gazebo

The color of the Fairy Gazebo remains as it is now,
I think it goes perfectly with the surroundings.
(although it is not finished yet)
It will be standing in a Fairy Garden...
(click on the photos to enlarge)

As you can see everything is still under construction ...
And look... there is one more floor above the Fairy Garden ...
possibly for a fairy house?? 

Oh... before I forget...
May I introduce you to our Flowerfairy 
Aivie found her in Nafplio a while ago..

Hugs Jollie

maandag 30 mei 2011

Aint I Just a Little Child!

Sometimes I'm just a little kid you know...
I have been watching a long time every few days
at the 'Sylvanian Families' again on the internet ... 
and last night I found that I've been longing enough so I spoiled myself
and adopted The Sylvanian Meerkat Family!

Aint they just too cute?

*Father Harry Spotter is the most alert and watchful creature in Sylvania –
and it’s a good job as he has to check there are no wildfires in the forest.
As this vital role demands his total concentration,
the other Sylvanians have learned not to take it personally 
if Harry ignores them completely!

*Mother Beatrix Spotter, on the other hand, is always warm and friendly. 
She loves children and is often babysitting as many as twenty at a time. 
She bakes them fairy cakes and reads them fairy stories – 
and she counts them every fifteen minutes to make sure they’re all still there!

*Brother Alfie Spotter always has his head in a book. 
He often gets so absorbed in one of his adventure stories 
that he regularly forgets what day it is 
and has been known to turn up for school on a Saturday!

*Sister Gail Spotter would much rather go for a long walk 
in the Sylvanian forest than read a book.
She particularly enjoys strolling along by the river 
and picking wild flowers for her mother. 
After all, that’s how she got her nickname!

(*this text was found on the internet)

I also bought a furniture set for them ...

I've read somewhere that they are on scale about 1:16 / 1:18.
There are many Sylvanian families and stuff for them to collect.
Here is the link to the official website in England
If you might wanna take a look:
In America they can be found under the name "Calico Critters"

I really adore them and can't wait for them to arrive here...
And I would love to build a small house for them too...some day... ;)
As an animal lover I could hardly choose between all those cute families!
Besides my imagination about fairies... I got the feeling that these critters
are a great inspiration for me too.

Hugs Jollie

zondag 29 mei 2011

Update Fairy Gazebo

I cut an entrance into my Fairy Gazebo
and given it a bit of paint ...
For the moment I will leave it to dry until tomorrow 
and then I'll see. 

(click on the photos to enlarge)

Hugs Jollie

Stationary Set

 Last night I was in a creative mood
Aivie fell totaly in love with that pretty set a while ago
and insited to have it!
Look... How could I resist? 

It has a beautiful diary, some ordners to keep things organized,
gorgeous boxes to keep her collection of postcards, 
and of course a scrapbook album and a journal for her hobby! 

I just love it... so very well detailed!!
(click on the photos to enlarge)

Today Aivie carefully packed every piece in boxes 
to save it for her Fairy Cottage
She told me that she will put it in her hobby room
on the working table / desk...

Thank you Wil for this lovely Stationary Set! :)

Hugs Jollie

donderdag 26 mei 2011

Surprise Gifts from Katie

Today I found a hugh surprise in my mailbox!!
A while ago I won this 'Fairy Gazebo' at 
Well of course I did not expect all these gorgeous gifts 
that Katie specially made (from one Cat Lover to Another 
she wrote in her lovely note) for my 'Shabby Black Cat Boutique'

(Click on the photos to enlarge)

I have put the cm-ruler beside the tiny 'gazebo' so you can see how small it is!

The friendship sign I will save for the Fairy Cottage.
And at the moment I am brain breaking about 
how I will transform this cute little thing into a 'Fairy Gazebo'

Katie thank you SO much for all your beautiful gifts!
You really made me very very happy :)

Hugs Jollie

woensdag 25 mei 2011

Catrun Cleaning

Maybe you are wondering what I am doing?
Well I did some work around the house.
I started (with the help from my mom) to declutter
and clean up the Catrun...

(click on the photos to enlarge)

On the first photo you can see the entrance of my catrun which is
build around my little house.
All the things that I want to keep are lying there to dry up...

This is the corner where I was standing when I took the first photo...

Than it goes around the corner...

I am far from done yet...
But we are taking a break today! ;)

At the moment I don't have a lot of energy left for other things... 
not even for mini-making. But that won't be for long lol!!
I just have to get the cleaning around (and also inside) of my house done
before it gets really warm out here ;)

Hugs Jollie

donderdag 19 mei 2011

Wonderful Gift from Heleni

Heleni is such a sweet lady...
She offered to make a quilt for me :)
Look what I found in the mailbox today!!

(click on the photos to enlarge)

She has sewn it all by hand!
It is sooo beautiful... it even has a Fairy in the middle
and the cutest tiny pillow that goes with it :)
I LOVE it! 
And Aivie is honored to have such a beautiful quilt on her bed now.
It is just perfect for her fairy bed don't you think?

Thank you SO much Heleni for this gorgeous gift :)

Hugs Jollie & Aivie

woensdag 18 mei 2011

Curtains for the Black Cat Boutique

My mom found this last sunday at the beach
It's an old piece of a fishnet
and it is perfect to make the curtains from!! :)

Thinking now how I want them to hang.
Probably I will drape them...
But first of all... I will wash them! 
They kind a smell like fish LOL!

Hugs Jollie

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Full Moon...That is My Reality!

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post.
It helped me a lot, cause if I am not feeling down
I agree with all of it what you are saying
and I just know deep down inside that you are right!
Sometimes we just need to be reminded of it I guess ;)

I am a person who does not listen to the politics
since many years I avoid the media as much as I can.
Fact still is that they are the ones who make 
peoples lives misaeable!
So once in a while I guess it happens to all of us...
we lose ourselfs in this world they call 'reality'
Well some say it is a nice place, but I don't wanna live there!

If I feel down I go to a very quit peacefull place
not to think about problems, but to let go of them.
That is the only way (for me) that I can find myself again.
Mother nature gives me the love and comfort that I need
when I lose myself in a world build on lies...

Tonight I was sitting in my backyard for a while...
To feel the serenity and quietness she gives
It is full moon... my favorite nights! ;)
Her bright silver shining light on the clouds 
that is what makes me feel happiness from deep down inside...
YES! I feel one with her... again! :)
And softly I can here her whisper to me:
'Everything is gonna be just fine, you'll see...'
'Tomorrow the sun will shine again...'

'That's what HE always does!' 
Hugs Jollie

p.s. I banished the tv at least for a week from the media!
Just a funny movie or romantic one I will allow on it ;) lol!

Am I Too Worried??

I always try not to worry too much, cause it is not good for me!
That goes for everyone and of course we all know that. 
Cause most of the time we can't change a thing about it.
The last few days I am really concerned
with the problems that are going on here in Greece.
I don't know what will happen tomorrow...or the day after that!
at the moment every day seems to feel SO insecure...

I guess you are all aware of the economic mess that is going on here?
Don't ask me to explane it... 
I don't want to think about it, if I am honest
but I run into discusions or tv programs all the time
and it is driving me crazy!

Just the fact that nobody knows how this will go on
and where it will end... if it ever does?
Until now it is only getting worse and worse and worse
for the 'normal' people in this beautiful country.
Because some others messed up real bad in the past!
Believe me...
It seems like a nightmare that we can't wake up from...

So maybe that is why I am not finding the inspiration
at the time to be creative...
Maybe I just worry to much at the moment
and it will surely pass by in a few days (I hope).
But sometimes I just can't help it!

So again I had so many plans but...
I did NOTHING today!

I went to my parents house to drink a coffee with them
and of course we talk a lot about the situation here in Greece.
But there is nothing we can do... than to wait on what comes next!
Worries or no worries, we just have to wait and see.

Well... at least my father made me VERY HAPPY today!!
I got a very useful gift from him!

A real stanley knive! :)
It is the spare one he had, so it is not new but what the heck! 
I am SO happy with it!!!!
The other knive on the photo was the one that I was (trying) to work with.
Not a real power tool huh? 
But I am sure that the stanley knive is just amazing to cut cardboard with :)

I am just not in the mood to try it out at the moment... :(
Maybe another coffee will give me a new boost ;) lol!

Hugs Jollie

maandag 16 mei 2011

Starfish Mobile with Tiny Sea Shells

These last days I didn't do a lot ;)
I did make two mobiles
with the tiny sea shells dangle on a starfish!

Thanks for looking! :)
Hugs Jollie

zondag 15 mei 2011

Update Shabby Black Cat Boutique

Today I worked on two more starfish mobiles
I have to take some photos tomorrow.

I am also working on a swap that I am doing with Klara
as you know me... it is still not finished...
Lots of things to do as always.

this is how far I am with my 
Shabby Black Cat Boutique so far

See you tomorrow! :)
Hugs Jollie

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Yesterday Rinoa and Zoë had their Birthday

Because of the trouble with blogspot
I didn't post this yesterday
on the Birthday of my cats Rinoa and Zoë
But I still like to introduce them to you..

Rinoa is the oldest cat that lives with me
yesterday she became 11 years old.
She was born in the Netherlands and moved
with me to Greece.

She is named after the girl in one of the Fanal Fantasy games
At the time she decided to move in with me
I had two cats and I didn't cross my mind having a third cat...
Well this is what happened...
A girlfriend of me called me if I had time to go with her
to pick up the two new kittens for her daughters.
So I did...
There was Rinoa... she came forward to me
started to screem very very loud that I had to take her on my arm
So I did...
She clawed her tiny nails into my shirt and wouldn't let go!!!
Everytime when I tried to put her down again
she panicked as if she was saying 'Don't leave me here alone'
As weak as I was... I took her home ;)

She a a very sweet cat, but also very afraid for everything.
Mostley for other cats... so she only comes inside the catrun
when all my other cats are inside in the evening.
It is amazing that every cat/animal has his or her typical character... 
that is what makes them all just as unique as humans!!

The other birthday kitty is Zoë, she became 6 years old yesterday.
Zoë is the mother of Zorba.
She is the most adorable and sweetest cat I have ever known in my whole life!
She has the most gentle character of all.
But... she doesn't trust anyone but me (and the other cats here).
She just hides herself under the bed or a dresser 
until every visitor has left the building lol!
That's why she is a pain in the butt 
when I have to ask my mom to take care of my animals, 
because she doesn't even trust my mother...
allthough she knows her very well too!

Zoë had a tragic accident before she lived with me.
She was hit by a bus when she was about 5 months old
and living on the streets as a straycat (as so many cats do here in Greece)
Some nice people found her, more dead than alive,
and brought her to the vetinary.

Two days later I visited the vet with one of my cats
and I saw Zoë sitting there in a bench
She was still half in a schock and I could see the fear in her eyes.
I asked what happened with her when she was recovered,
the vet told me  that she did not have someone to take care of her
and that she was going back to the streets.

The vet was glad when I asked if I could take Zoë home with me!
That same day she moved in with us.
I choose the name Zoë for her because it means 'life' in Greek 
and she was so lucky to still be alive!!
I am still soooo happy that I took her home 6 years ago ;)
She is the most thankful beiing I have ever met!

Of course we celebrated Rinoa and Zoë's birthdays yesterday  ;)
With a big Hurray for both of my girls!!

Wishing you all a very lovely weekend!!!
Hugs Jollie

woensdag 11 mei 2011

Cleaning Up My Shabby Entrance

This morning when I was sitting outside
drinking my delicious coffee and smoking my sigaret...
and thought what could I do today...
The weather was still good... except for a bit too much air...
well ain't it always something with the weather?? lol ;)
I heard that tomorrow and perhaps friday
it will rain... AGAIN!
The summer really stays in the North of Europe I am afraid of... lol!!

I really needed to clean up outdoors around my 1:1 house
because it gives such a mess all that rain that we had!!
Finaly everything that was dirty got the change to dry up... 
Good time to clean up that shabby mess!

See for yourself what is left of the winter now... lol!
I will show you the pictures from before and after ;)

(Click on the photos to enlarge)









See what a great idea good coffee gave me ;)
This is how my entrance looks now...

The bougainvillea is white with pink...
She is a gorgeous one, with lots of flowers 
but she is from a late blooming family... 
she starts in july with her flowers untill late october.
I can make some photos of her later this year when someone
would be interested to see her blooming?

Here are Merlin and Bo (my almost 13 year old Black Pom)
waiting till I am finished and come back inside ;)

Time for lunch now and... my siesta!!! ;)

Hope you all enjoyed your mornings too?

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