donderdag 1 september 2011

Aivie is back with her little niece

Yesterday Aivie came home 
with her little niece who stays to live with us now. 

She's still a little shy 
but did want to wave to you all ... 

She told me that her name is Dimphy
The cute little mouse that came with her is Gnoefy 
she has been Dimphys best friend for a long time
and could not just stay behind. 

Everyone here was extremely happy of course, that Aivie 
with Dimphy and Gnoefy are home safely now!

All were there to welcome them...
(you can click on allt he pictures to enlarge) 

Dimphy does need some time to settle in here
and allthough I don't know her very well yet,
she is a very sweet little fairy! 
Here cute and innocent face puts a smile on mine all the time!  

Currently, she is still recovering from their long journey 
and all the bad things she has experienced ... 
But I will make sure that she will be pampered these next weeks
with the things that were already waiting here for her. 
 Here's a little info about this doll, 
if you click on the links you can read more about it.

Dimphy is originally a Fiaryland Pukipuki Ante
She is 1:12 scale of a child from about 6 years old 
and her height is 11.2 cm / 4.4 inches. 
At Fairyland they make Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD's abbreviated) 

BJD's are (down to the smallest detail) handmade 
and most of them are limited in their edition 
that's why they are also very valuable... 
All over the world there are many fans who collect BJD's.  

Because Dimphy is very photogenic, 
 I opened a photo album for her 
and even 'met' some other BJD enthusiasts there too. 

It is a tradition for the BJD collectors to take pictures
of the box opening when they 'come home' 
I did that too...
So beside the ones from my pets and my handmade miniatures,
you will find these photos in my new photo album. 
(I will put some kind of a gadget on my blog later...)

Well ... In the two months that I've been waiting for Dimphy
I have been digging a bit deeper into these dolls 
to find out more about them... 
And I believe you can already guess what happened??
Yeah... despite all the warnings,
 I am also infected with the BJD virus now lol. 

But there are worse things in life... 
So far till now... more to see of her soon!

Oh wait... Dimphy wants to blow a little kiss to you all... 

I think I first have to learn how to do hairdressing 
to get her hairbush styled  LOL!

Hugs Jollie 

33 opmerkingen:

  1. She is truly gorgeous.Those eyes look so real. Hugs Maria

  2. Oh! she is so sweet and cute! I spare your kiss.
    Welcome, Dimphy :))
    xxx Caterina

  3. Welcome to your new home, little Dimphy! What a wonderful picture with all those little friends together welcoming the two fairies...

    That little gem was really worth all the time you were waiting for her.


  4. Dank je wel Heleni, ja dat is ze echt :-)

  5. Thank you Maria... it is as if there is a real fairy staring at me next to my monitor every time I look at her... it is really amazing how real she looks. :-)

  6. Dimphy says : Thank you Caterina :-)

  7. Dimphy says Thank you Birgit :-)

    And yes she defenitely was worth the wait *sigh* although it was LONG... ;-)

  8. ¡Que carita más tierna!!!!
    Y su vestido tejido ¡Hermoso!!!! Y esos zapatos ¡Me encantan!!!!
    Un abrazo

  9. I also love these dolls. They are just so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing Dimphy's adventures in her new home. =)

  10. Thank you, it is so nice to hear that you love them too Lataina :-)

  11. Dimphy is just as sweet as sweet can be.

  12. oh wat is ze mooi, ik gun hem je van harte, maar zie toch een beetje groen. lol

  13. Dimphy is lovely and she found a good home. I love the beautiful dress she is wearing, as well as the story. Hugs

  14. Es una muñequita preciosa, me encanta esa ropita que lleva.
    Tiene una carita muy dulce, preciosa!!!
    besitos ascension

  15. She is so sweet! Once again congratulations on your first - and certainly not the last one - BJD!:D Welcome home Dimphy!

  16. A warm welcome Dimphy!
    She is lovely, I love her dress. I'm sure she will be very happy with all her new friends.

  17. She is so cute! I'm sure she will enjoy living with you!

  18. Oh my gosh... she is ADORABLE! I am so excited to see more miniaturists adopting BJDs. On the flip side, I really need to get me some of those Sylvan critters! Can't wait to see more pics of Dimphy!

  19. Dank je wel Klara :-)
    En ach dat groene kleurtje trekt wel weg, hoop ik lol! ;-)

  20. Thanks Ewa, she is glad that she finaly is home now :-)

  21. Thank you Mona, she is very curious and all the time out looking what she can discover here that she did not see yet ;-)

  22. Thank Ann, your little ones are too cute also, I love your Dakota (puki pong) with his naughty big laughing face! :-)

  23. Wat een lief snoetje heeft ze en die geweldige haarbos!!!! Daar word menig vrouw jaloers op....
    ;*) Liefs Eef

  24. Hi Jollie! What a sweet welcome home photo! Thanks for sharing about the bjds--I learned something new! :-)

  25. Dank je wel Eef :-) Ha ha ja ze heeft inderdaad een enorme bos met haar :-)

  26. Thank you Jennifer :-) and I am glad you liked the info about the BJD's ;-)


Thank you so much for your comments :)

Have a nice day!, Jollie

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